Climate change

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Join our Climate Action Team

The team meets monthly and comes up with great ideas and actions to increase renewable energy at the local and state level. Contact Camilla Feibelman for more information and to join the Climate Action team at

Join our Go Solar Now NM Team

Please visit to learn more about solar, and contact Sandrine Gaillard at with your solar questions, or to help promote solar.

Join our Zero Waste Team

Please contact co-­chairs Joe Eigner at joseigner@gmail.comor Karen Sweeney at with questions or to join our Zero Waste team.

Animas River, 2015


Join our Water Action Team

The Water Action Team works on our priority water issues and strategize on legislative and regulatory issues. Contact John Buchser, Water Team chair, at to find out more and to join the team.

Fight dairy contamination

If you’re in streams in Southern New Mexico, contact Eric Patterson at or 575­.776.­2833

Become a Water Sentinel

If you live in Northern New Mexico and would like to become a Water Sentinel and monitor streams for contamination, contact Eric at or 575­.776.­2833

Protect the Gila

If you would like to help protect the Gila Contact Allyson Siwik, Gila Resources Information Project, at or 575­.590­.7619

Public lands

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Join the Bosque Action Team

Come to the monthly meetings and help strategize about how we can preserve and protect the Bosque. Contact Richard Barish at to learn more and get involved.

Become a Bosque Sentinel

To help protect what makes our Bosque so special, we’re forming a Bosque Sentinels Program. If you are interested, you can select a part of the Bosque that you’d like to monitor. You’ll get to know the terrain and be able to report to Open Space if there are litter, fire or vandalism problems. You’ll get to know the different projects that the Army Corps of Engineers, Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District or the city are carrying out and be able to interpret those projects to other users. You also might become a trained outings leader and take people to visit the area. If you’d like to get involved please email

Meet a few of our great Bosque Sentinels here.

Protect Chaco

To learn more and find out how you can help, please contact Robert Tohe, Sierra Club organizer, at or 928­.606.­2362; or Miya King-Flaherty at (505) 243-7767 or

Join our Organ Mountains­ Desert Peaks Action Team

To help protect our national monuments, Contact Camilla Feibelman at

Have a voice in land management

To get involved in affecting land­ management decisions at Rio Grande del Norte, contact Tom Gorman at or 505.­438.­3932

Join the Otero Mesa Action Team

The Otero Mesa Action Team, from our El Paso Group territory, is actively participating with the BLM's Las Cruces District Office in the development of the Resource Management Plan’s Supplement that deals with gas and oil as well as identifying Lands with Wilderness Characteristics on the Mesa. Contact Jerry Kurtyka for more information on Action Team meetings and events at

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Join our Wildlife Team

We rally, write letters to the editor, advocate at Game Commission meetings and the Legislature and much more to protect New Mexico and West Texas wildlife. Contact Mary Katherine Ray at

Things you can do

Learn: Effective Citizen Advocacy at the Legislature

Learn: Effective Citizen Advocacy at the Legislature
Join the League of Women Voters of New Mexico‘s annual workshop on Saturday, December 9 at the State Capitol. Learn tips from legislators and a professional about how to approach legislators, craft an effective message and plan your time wisely. League members ... Read More

National Public Lands Day, September 30

National Public Lands Day, September 30
Celebrate National Public Lands Day on the Santa Fe National Forest (SFNF) Saturday, September 30, by volunteering to work on popular multi-use trails that need a little TLC.  ... Read More

Chapter Executive Committee

Chapter Executive Committee
From overextended activists to those on the first few rungs up the activist ladder, the Rio Grande Chapter seeks members interested in serving on the chapter board. The executive committee, which meets four times a year, usually at Sevilleta National ... Read More

Volunteer opportunities for the upcoming municipal election

Volunteer opportunities for the upcoming municipal election
Some opportunities to help elect Tim Keller mayor of Albuquerque ... Read More

Sierra Club Statement on Trump’s Termination of DACA

Sierra Club Statement on Trump's Termination of DACA
Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Contact: Lauren Lantry, WASHINGTON, D.C.– Today in the midst of a national emergency along the Gulf Coast, Donald Trump’s Attorney General, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, is set to announce the termination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ... Read More

Sandoval County Oil & Gas Ordinance Actions You Can Take

Sandoval County Oil & Gas Ordinance Actions You Can Take
Sandoval County is amending its comprehensive zoning ordinance to address oil and gas extraction. Here are some actions concerned citizens can take ... Read More