About the Central New Mexico Group

The Central New Mexico Group of the Rio Grande Chapter covers the middle part of the state from east to west and includes Albuquerque, Bernalillo, Valencia County and Socorro. Our volunteer leaders are active in many areas, including protecting the Albuquerque Bosque and making sure Mayor Richard Berry’s “Rio Grande Vision” doesn’t disrupt the wild character of our natural urban escape.

We also advocate for better city energy policy and volunteer for pro-­environment candidates and recently returned a pro-­environment majority to the Albuquerque City Council. One example is our project related to the Sandoval County Oil & Gas Ordinance.

One of our community efforts is to highlight the works of local artists in our First Friday Arts series. Join us or stop by the office gallery. You will also be supporting the chapter with your purchases.

P.O. Box 25342
Albuquerque, NM 87125

Central New Mexico Executive Committee

Chair:  Fred Houdek, fjhoudek@gmail.com, 630.809.4234
Vice Chair:  Ray Shortridge, rsshortridge@gmail.com
Treasurer:  David Ther, grelbik@gmail.com
Secretary:  Heather Kline, heatherjkline78@gmail.com, 505.577.2798
Outings:  Odile de La Beaujardiere, odile@pitot.org, 505.433.469
Carol Chamberland, pictografix@comcast.net
Mark Rudd, mark@markrudd.com
Peter Kelling, cloudsandwater@juno.com

Other contacts

Political Chair: Richard Barish, richardbarish@gmail.com
First Friday Art: Heather Kline, heatherjkline78@gmail.com, 505.577.2798
Volunteer Coordinator: Lauren Komnick, sierraclubriogrande@gmail.com, 315.272.7317
Tabling Scheduling: Patty Duncan, pgnm@comcast.com,
Volunteer Wednesdays
Wildlife: Leslie Chavez, chavezles99@gmail.com
Sierra Military Outings: Terry Owen, teowen@q.com, 504.301.4349
UNM Sierra Student Coalition Co-presidents: Tom Bottomly, tbottomly@unm.edu, Keely Scheffler, kscheffler99@unm.edu
Bosque Action Team Chair: Richard Barish, richardbarish@gmail.com

Bosque Light Photo by John Fowler thought WikiMedia Commons

Central New Mexico news

Excursiones 8/11 hike

Excursiones 8/11 hike
Saturday 8/11, 8 – 11am
Ojito de San Antonio, Cedar Crest Ojito de San Antonio está en el lado Este de las Montañas Sandía, se llega por la Hwy North 14. Queda a 15 minutos manejando desde el Sprouts Farmers ... Read More

First Friday Arts – August 2018

First Friday Arts - August 2018
Join us Friday, August 3 at the Albuquerque office for our First Friday Arts ... Read More

Join us at Mural Fest 2018 – July 21

Join us at Mural Fest 2018 - July 21
Join us Saturday, July 21 from 6-8 pm at Tortuga Gallery, 901 Edith St SE. There are other events in the Downtown and South Broadway areas ... Read More

Sierra Club & (Root) Beer – Friday July 6

Sierra Club & (Root) Beer - Friday July 6
Join the Central NM group on Friday, July 6, for a demonstration on how to release pets caught in leg traps. Stay to discuss the issue of trapping on public lands ... Read More