About the Northern New Mexico Group

The Northern New Mexico Group is one of five regional groups within the Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club.

We cover all of Northern New Mexico except for the Los Alamos area and work on projects ranging from a successful campaign to ban the plastic bag in Santa Fe to curtailing oil and gas exploration and pipelines near Chaco Canyon National Historical Park, forest health, protection of roadless areas adjacent to the Pecos Wilderness, and work for local and statewide candidates at election time.

For outings, please visit the calendar or the Meetup group.

Contact Us

Executive Committee
Chair: Teresa Seamster, 505.­466.­8964, ctc.seamster@gmail.com
Vice chair: Tom Gorman, 505.­438.­3932, gormantd@gmail.com
Treasurer: Jim Baker, 505.­473­.0457, bakerjim.sw@gmail.com
Patricia Cordona (Energy & PNM),  patriciacardona24@yahoo.com
Alice Cox (Membership): 505­.780­.5122, auntiealice@cybermesa.com
Sandrine Gaillard (Energy & Solar), sandrine.gaillard@gmail.com or www.GoSolarNowNM.info
Jim Klukkert (Environmental Justice), 505.577.2483, jimklukkert@yahoo.com
Paul Paryski (Water), pparyski@aol.com
Shane Woolbright (Energy & PNM), 405­.323­.2569, director@meso.org

Chair: Tom Gorman
Public lands: Tom Gorman; Teresa Seamster
Water: John Buchser, 505.­231.­6645, jbuchser@comcast.net; Paul Paryski
Wildlife: Teresa Seamster; Jan Cohen
Zero Waste: Joe Eigner, joseigner@gmail.com; Karen Sweeney,  ksweeney99@comcast.net
Energy Team: Shane Woolbright, 505.­474­.2870, director@meso.org; Patricia Cordona; Sandrine Gaillard

Other responsibilities
Chapter Representative: Tom Gorman
Membership: Alice Cox
Volunteers: Open
Office: Jerry Knapczyk,  jknapczyk@yahoo.com
Outings Co-­chairs: Tobin Oruch, 505.­690.6253, tobin.oruch@yahoo.com; Alan Shapiro, 505­.424­.9242, nm5s@yahoo.com
Political: Susan Martin, 505­.988­.5206, smartin31@comcast.net
Publicity: Open
Book Distributor: Janet Peacock 505­.988­.8929
Book mailings: Gail Bryant, 505.­ 757­.6654
Nominating Committee: Open
Youth involvement: Open

Regional Contacts
Las Vegas: Joann Sprenger, 505.­454­.0551, gisprenger@cybermesa.com
Farmington: Art Jaquez, 505.­360­.0176, artjaquez2@gmail.com
Taos: Eric Patterson, 575­.776­.2833 eepatt@gmail.com

Volunteers needed!

Volunteer Coordinators

We can help you find the activity, committee or event you would like to participate in. Call one of us today!

Teresa Seamster: ctc.seamster@gmail.com or  (505) 466-8964
Tom Gorman: gormantd@gmail.com  (505) 438-3932

Zero Waste Committee

Team members work on recycling and waste issues in the Santa Fe area. Contact Joe for help with all zero waste events, composting and recycling.

Joseph Eigner: joeigner@gmail.com

Header photo by Ron Reiring, available at Flickr

Day Hikes in the Santa Fe Area

Day Hikes in the Santa Fe Area, Eight Edition

We publish the 8th edition of the popular Day Hikes in the Santa Fe Area guidebook. It is available at most Santa Fe book stores and in local REI outlets. The 8th edition is not available through Amazon. If you cannot find a local copy, contact Gail Bryant at 505-757-6654.

Northern New Mexico News

Drilling Mora County

Drilling Mora County
Join us on in Santa Fe on September 12 as we screen the documentary, "Drilling Mora County," and host a Q&A afterwards ... Read More

Desert Choral Santa Fe discount concerts

Desert Choral Santa Fe discount concerts
The Santa Fe Desert Choral is offering discounts to members for concerts dedicated to stewardship of the natural world ... Read More

Volunteer profile: John Buchser

Volunteer profile: John Buchser
John Buchser is the former longtime Rio Grande Chapter chairman, and he remains out Water Team chair and has been a member of the Rio Grande Chapter for decades. Question: What is your position in the Rio Grande Chapter? John Buchser: Water issues chair Q: How ... Read More

Beaver-treated water in Santa Fe

Beaver-treated water in Santa Fe
Photographs of the Santa Fe River from the 1930s show a wide, meandering river with many side channels — created by beavers — flowing down a rural valley with the little city of Santa Fe in the distance.  ... Read More