Protecting Our Environment Through Public Policy

Endorsing Strong Candidates to Promote a Strong Environment

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Nothing has a bigger impact on how we protect our natural resources than public policy. And no one has a bigger impact on public policy than the people we elect.

The Rio Grande Chapter advocates in the Legislature, city councils and county commissions, Public Regulation Commission, Water Quality Control Commission and many other important decision­making bodies. But an important part of our nonpartisan mission is to endorse candidates for elected office and work to elect those candidates. Our endorsements and the volunteer power and resources we back them up with make a real difference in elections.

Some recent successes: Electing newcomer Henry Roybal to the Santa Fe County Commission over a highly connected but pro-­industry incumbent. Henry won by less than 50 votes out of more than 10,000 and credited his victory to the Rio Grande Chapter’s efforts. Recently we endorsed Andrew Hautzinger, a pro-­conservation incumbent at the Valencia County Soil and Water District. Because of an arcane technical rule, Andrew was forced to run as a write-­in candidate ­­ and won! Our many volunteers’ efforts were also noted by Diane Gibson as the key to her victory and to turning the Albuquerque City Council back to a pro­-environment majority.

Help Elect Pro-Environment Candidates

Interested in helping candidates who will protect the environment? Contact Susan Martin,, or Camilla Feibelman at

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