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Sandoval County is in the process of amending its comprehensive zoning ordinance to deal with oil and gas extraction. This all started in November 2015 when SandRidge Energy Inc., an Oklahoma-based oil and gas company, applied for a special-use permit to drill near Rio Rancho city limits. Citizen groups pushed back and exposed Sandoval County’s lack of ordinances to protect water, roads, cultural resources, property values, or health against oil and gas extraction.

An ordinance is a police power that the county implements to protect and promote its residents’ public health, safety and general welfare. Sandoval County’s current draft oil and gas ordinance does not go far enough. The draft does not require oil and gas companies to conduct environmental impact assessments before drilling; lacks considerations for cultural, archeological, recreational and wildlife sites; and much more.

How was this ordinance drafted?

Sandoval County Commissioners directed the Planning and Zoning Commission to develop an ordinance, which was written by Planning and Zoning Department staff with little knowledge or technical expertise on the oil and gas industry.

The Planning and Zoning Commission received the ordinance drafted by the staff, and notified the public for a hearing. The Planning and Zoning Commission may request changes to the draft based on public input, or vote and recommend it to the county commission. As of July 2017, the ordinance is still in draft state within Planning and Zoning.

Once the County Commission officially receives the recommended draft, it, too, must hold public hearings and receive written and spoken comments. The commission could send the draft back to the Planning and Zoning Commission to incorporate the new and important changes, or vote to approve it so it finally becomes law.

This draft is not a done deal.

Update 8/2/2017 – Now, the County Planning and Zoning Commission is considering whether to scrap the draft and instead approve drilling permits using Special Use provisions in the existing Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance. This means the County can approve each oil and gas application based on a set of general standards rather than amending the Ordinance to outline more specific requirements.

The drafted ordinance has serious flaws

Where does the water come from? What if the Albuquerque basin aquifer becomes contaminated as a result of oil and gas operations? How far should a drilling well be from sensitive areas such as neighborhoods, parks, and schools? What are the impacts on property values?

Read more: what key provisions should be included in this oil and gas ordinance?

Actions you can take

  1. Contact your County Commissioner
  2. Attend a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting
  3. Comment at public meeting
  4. Write a letter to the editor
  5. Sign a petition
Click here for more details on actions you can take.

Additional Resources

The process for extracting oil and natural gas from shale rock uses an advanced technology called horizontal fracking (fracking), which combines horizontal drilling with hydraulic fracturing. A single well can be drilled to depths of up to 2-miles or more, requires millions of gallons of water, and uses hundreds of chemicals to make operational. Visit the links below for more information about the issues and impacts of fracking:

Hydraulic Fracturing 101 (Earthworks)

The Social Costs of Fracking Report: A Pennsylvania Case Study (Food and Water Watch)

The Urgent Case for Ban on Fracking (Food and Water Watch)

Letters of support

Send a copy of your letters to Miya King-Flaherty

Link to google folder

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Sandoval County Oil & Gas Ordinance Talking Points

Sandoval County Oil & Gas Ordinance Talking Points

Sandoval County is amending its comprehensive zoning ordinance to address oil and gas extraction. Here are some things to look for and questions to ask ...
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Sandoval County Oil & Gas Ordinance Actions You Can Take

Sandoval County Oil & Gas Ordinance Actions You Can Take

Sandoval County is amending its comprehensive zoning ordinance to address oil and gas extraction. Here are some actions concerned citizens can take ...
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Sandoval County  oil and gas ordinance

Sandoval County oil and gas ordinance

Should Northwest Sandoval County families have weaker oil and gas safeguards than Rio Rancho residents? That’s what is proposed in a draft ordinance being considered by the county. Several drafts were never made public, but in mid-June a draft oil and gas ordinance was posted on the Sandoval County Planning and Zoning Commission website. The draft divides the county into a “Northwest Energy Development Area” and a “Southeast Development Area.” The ordinance describes the Northwest area as including Counselor, La Jara, Regina, Torreon, Cabezon, La Cueva, San Luis, Gillman and Ponderosa, and different decision-making rules would apply to the two areas. According to the ...
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Sandoval County Oil and Gas Ordinance

Sandoval County Oil and Gas Ordinance

Sandoval County has developed a new ordinance in the wake of last year’s outrage related to SandRidge’s proposal to drill for gas just 2 miles from Rio Rancho’s borders. Both Sandoval County and Rio Rancho are looking at oil-drilling proposals. Rio Rancho City Council had a work session on this issue. The video starts around 39:15. Sandoval County’s Planning and Zoning Committee has a meeting to finalize this ordinances at onTuesday, August 30. There is a follow-up meeting at on Tuesday, September 6 at the same location. These meetings will be held from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm in the Commission Chambers at the ...
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One threat removed, Sandoval remains vulnerable

By Mona Blaber The battle between the citizens of Sandoval County and oil and gas developers has seen many twists and turns in the past three months. The county’s Planning and Zoning Commission initially appeared prepared to recommend to the county commission an application from financially troubled SandRidge Energy to drill an exploratory oil well just 2 miles outside of Rio Rancho. But after a surge of citizen activism, including thousands of messages to commissioners and hundreds of residents packing meetings, the zoning commission found SandRidge’s application didn’t meet existing zoning requirements. At its next meeting, the county commission was ...
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Sandoval County Moratorium On Oil and Gas Drilling

If the Sandoval County Commission takes the Planning and Zoning Commission’s recommendation at its February 18 hearing, it will deny a special-use permit for troubled Oklahoma oil company SandRidge Energy, which wanted to drill an exploratory fracking well just 2 miles from Rio Rancho city limits. But the next company that wants to drill in Sandoval isn’t going to make the same application mistakes or have the same shaky financial background as SandRidge, and Sandoval County may be forced to approve the next drilling application because it doesn’t have ordinances in place to address the hazards of oil and gas fracking. It ...
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Community groups applaud recommendation to deny SandRidge application
Moratorium urged

Community groups on Thursday welcomed the Sandoval County Planning and Zoning Commission’s recommendation to deny an application by troubled Oklahoma corporation SandRidge Energy Inc. to drill an exploratory oil well, but the groups urged the county to adopt a moratorium on all oil and gas extraction until ordinances can be developed to protect community health, air, water and other resources from such operations. Hundreds of Sandoval County residents turned out to the two committee hearings on the topic, and more than 1,000 signed a petition opposing the special-use permit to drill in an area zoned residential. “While this is a ...
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Don’t let SandRidge frack in Sandoval County!

Julie Wilt, Sierra Club Central New Mexico chair What: Sandoval County Planning & Zoning Committee meeting to consider SandRidge Energy permit for fracking well near Rio Rancho
When: 6 p.m. January 28
Where: Commission Chambers, Sandoval County Administration Building, 1500 Idalia Road, Bernalillo
Act: Join our Sandoval County action team: Oklahoma-based SandRidge Energy Inc. has applied for a special-use permit to frack for oil in a residential zone just 2 miles from the Rio Rancho city limits. Please attend the January 28 county Planning and Zoning Committee meeting to ask the county to say NO to this risky operation so close to our homes. At the first Planning & ...
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Rio Rancho targeted for drilling

By Benton Howell
Rio Grande Chapter When an energy company comes to town and asks for quick response to its requests to drill a fracking well within a water-conservation area, and about 2 miles from a residential community, it already has some issues to overcome. But when it asks for a waiver from following the process that the county ordinance has in place to regulate such proposals, things can get unpleasant fast. This is what happened in Sandoval County in New Mexico on December 10. The planning and zoning commission (P&Z) had a new proposal by SandRidge Exploration and Production ...
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