Things you can do right now

With over 100 years of grassroots experience, the Sierra Club is the perfect place to get started with stopping Trump’s anti-environmental agenda. Fill out the form as a first step to getting involved!

Actions – specific things you can do

So what are you going to do about it?

The Sierra Club has a new site where the public can get updated and take action to resist the anti-environmental and anti-justice policies and appointments of the Trump administration ...
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58 New Mexico officials send letter urging opposition to Pruitt EPA nomination

Citing EPA nominee Scott Pruitt’s conflicts of interest and opposition to protecting the environment, 58 current and former New Mexico elected officials signed a letter Wednesday asking our congressional delegation to oppose the nomination ...
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Lands, Water and Wildlife Day at the Roundhouse
February 8, 2017

This is a chance for the environmental community to demonstrate broad-based support to elected officials and the public for protecting our climate, clean air, clean water, and conservation of wildlife and public lands in New Mexico ...
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Volunteering on the Trails at Bandelier

Join the gang of dedicated volunteers to help Bandelier Trail Boss Kevin Stallman to rebuild trails destroyed by fires and floods ...
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Attend a citizen lobby training near you

Learn how the Legislature works, what elected officials are thinking, the importance of their staff, and how to communicate your message effectively ...
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