Strong Candidates to Promote a Safe Environment

Nothing has a bigger impact on our climate, water, land and wildlife than public policy and the people who set that policy. An important part of our nonpartisan mission is to endorse candidates for elected office and work to elect those candidates. Our endorsements and volunteer power make a real difference in elections.

Questions? Don't know when and where to vote? Don't know your district? Don't know the candidates?
We have several resources to help you through the process during an election.

  • The Rio Grande Chapter has a Voting Information page that will be updated during election cycles.
  • The Sierra Club has an Election Center that will show your district number and a candidate if the Chapter has endorsed a candidate in your district.
  • In addition to election information, the NM Secretary of State Voter Information Portal allows you to look up your registration information and status of absentee ballots.

Summary of our current endorsements

State and local endorsement listings authorized and paid for by The Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club Political Action Committee.  Congressional endorsement listings paid for by Sierra Club Independent Action, sierraclubindependentaction.org, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

 The following list does not include candidates we have endorsed, but who do not have an opponent in the upcoming election.

US Congress
House District 1: Melanie Stansbury
House District 2: Gabe Vasquez
House District 3: Teresa Leger Fernandez
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State Offices 
Governor: Michelle Lujan Grisham
Lieutenant Governor: Howie Morales
Secretary of State: Maggie Toulouse Oliver
Attorney General: Raúl Torrez
Land Commissioner: Stephanie Garcia Richard
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Constitutional amendements
Constitutional amendment 1 – YES
Constitutional amendment 2 – YES

New Mexico House of Representatives 
District 10: Andres Romero
District 11: Javier Martinez
District 13: P Roybal Caballero
District 14: Miguel Garcia
District 15: Day Hochman-Vigil
District 18: Gail Chasey
District 22: Augustine Montoya
District 24: Liz Thomson
District 25: Christine Trujillo
District 26: Eleanor Chavez
District 27: Marian Matthews
District 28: Pam Herndon
District 29: Joy Garrett
District 30: Natalie Figueroa
District 31: Athena Christodoulou
District 33: Micaela Cadena
District 35: Angelica Rubio
District 36: Nathan Small
District 37: Joanne Ferrary
District 38: Tara Jaramillo
District 39: Rodolpho “Rudy” Martinez
District 44: Kathleen Cates
District 46: Andrea Romero
District 52: Doreen Gallegos
District 65: Derrick Lente
District 68: Charlotte Little
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County Offices
Bernalillo County Commission District 1: Barbara Baca
Bernalillo County Commission District 5: Eric Olivas
Bernalillo County Sheriff: John Allen
Bernalillo County Assessor: Damian Lara
Doña Ana County Commission District 3: Shannon Reynolds
Doña Ana County Sheriff: Kim Stewart
Santa Fe County Commission District 3: Camilla Bustamante
Santa Fe County Commission District 1: Justin Greene
Sandoval County Commission District 1: Katherine Bruch

Take Action

Interested in helping environmental champions get elected?

  1. Fill out our elections volunteer form
  2. Donate to Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club PAC
  3. Contact our political chair, Richard Barish at richard.barish@gmail.com

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Recent election news and endorsements

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A new slate of environmental champions for New Mexico
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Your Sierra Club recommendations in one place

Your Sierra Club recommendations in one place
Use our tool: enter your address, check your registration status, make a plan to vote, and see which Sierra Club endorsed candidates are on your ballot ... Read More