Excursiones a la Naturaleza de Nuevo Mexico

Excursiones le invita a venir a caminar con nosotras, en nuestro Bosque del Río Grande, las Montañas Sandia, los Refugios Nacionales de Vida Silvestre, los Monumentos Nacionales cercanos. Nuestras Excursiones son gratis, seguras, divertidas, en Español …. Y sus niñas y niños son bienvenid0s!

Cheque nuestra página Excursiones a la Naturaleza de Nuevo Mexico, díganos si desea ser incorporado en nuestra lista para que las invitaciones a los paseos le lleguen automáticamente a su correo electrónico – me puede enviar un mensaje a Cecilia.Chavez.Beltran@sierraclub.org.

Buscamos personas que quieran certificarse como Líderes de Caminatas: el Río Grande Chapter del Sierra Club le ofrece entrenamiento, Primeros Auxilios/CPR y el apoyo para que usted planee y publicite sus caminatas. Y, nuevamente, todo gratis.

Nos gusta: es saludable, emocionante y relajante ... el espacio al aire libre!

Excursiones a la Naturaleza de Nuevo Mexico promotes the enjoyment of natural spaces near us: you are invited to come walk with us in our Bosque, visit near National Monuments, National Wildlife Refuges, our Sandia Mountains’ foothills and other natural areas.

For us in Excursiones, the Bosque of the Río Grande is the best place to go for a walk and be present: leave behind the busy-ringing cell phone, the illusion of having to constantly post or tweet or text -  an easy way to recharge ourselves as we commune with the river, the texture of trees’ bark, the grasses swaying with the breeze, the insects and birds singing and surrounding us.

Excursiones is a program inviting Spanish-speakers who have been wanting to explore natural spaces in their mother tongue.  We enjoy our language with all that it entails: our stories, knowledge, experiences and insights are taken into consideration.  There is no expert: we all bring something to the group.  Excursiones is free and inclusive.  Your participation enriches the outing.

You are invited to check Excursiones a la Naturaleza de Nuevo Mexico; you can email Cecilia.Chavez.Beltran@sierraclub.org for more info and to be added to our internal list serve where we post our outings.

Excursiones also invites those interested in becoming Outings Leaders to contact us. The Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club trains and certifies new Leaders every so often (CPR, First Aid, etc). We are looking for more people who want to share their love for our outdoors – be it walking, hiking, exploring … the open sky is to be enjoyed.

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