Photo of new Rio Grande Chapter Sierra Club chair David Coss

By David Coss, Rio Grande Sierra Club Chapter chair

I am honored and excited to become the chair of the Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club executive committee. I have always been enchanted by our New Mexico environment and I look forward to this opportunity to work for its protection through the Sierra Club.

I have had a great career in natural-resources management for state government, as an officer and organizer in the labor movement and as an elected leader in Santa Fe city government. During my career, I have been an admirer of the Sierra Club, especially in New Mexico and El Paso. You have been hard-working and effective in so many important battles and political campaigns. New Mexico would be a much poorer place if not for the Rio Grande Chapter.

Now, working with allies, our efforts are more important than ever.  Our priorities are climate and energy, wild lands, wildlife and New Mexico’s precious water resources. Sierra Club has always been guided by a commitment to environmental justice for all people and the right of all people to clean air and water and the ability of all community members to enjoy our fabulous New Mexico landscape.

Together, we will carry on this great legacy.  Thank you for being in the Sierra Club.

A message from the new Rio Grande Sierra Club chair