The Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club is a volunteer-led organization representing more than 7,000 members in New Mexico and West Texas. Our mission to is to explore, enjoy and protect the planet, and we prioritize action on protecting our climate, clean air, clean water, and conservation of wildlife and public lands in New Mexico and West Texas.

The Rio Grande Chapter was founded in 1963 and originally included New Mexico and all of Texas. In 1965, the Lone Star Chapter was formed. Lone Star encompasses all of Texas except for El Paso, Hudspeth and Culberson counties, which stayed with Rio Grande to this day.

Five regional groups make up the chapter:

  • Northern New Mexico Group
  • Pajarito Group (Los Alamos area)
  • Central New Mexico Group
  • Southern New Mexico Group
  • El Paso Group

Each group has at least one representative on the chapter Executive Committee, which is made up of volunteers elected by members. To see the makeup of the Executive Committee or to contact a chapter leader, please click here.

The Executive Committee meets in person four times yearly to set priorities, vote on political endorsements and make decisions on budget and hiring of staff. The chapter currently employs two full­-time employees and one part-­time employee.

For more information, please contact Chapter Director Camilla Feibelman at camilla.feibelman@sierraclub.org or 505-­715­-8388.

Featured photo of sandhill cranes by Justine Belson, USFWS from Pixnio 


News from around the chapter

Executive Committee candidate statements

Candidate biographies for the Rio Grande Sierra Club Chapter elections - statewide and regional groups. The ballot was included in your October/November/December newsletter. El Paso Group ballots will be mailed separately, but they can vote for chapter ExcComm candidates using ... Read More

Pajarito to rejoin Northern Group

Pajarito to rejoin Northern Group
An online poll asked members if they would like to remain a separate Pajarito Group or rejoin the Northern Group. The separation occurred in 1998 to focus on Los Alamos National Laboratory issues and the Valles Caldera. The votes were ... Read More

Residents fight Alto concrete plant

Roper Concrete batch plant in Carrizozo
Roper Construction has appealed the NM Environment Department denial of a permit to build a concrete plant. Local residents oppose the plant. The hearings are October 18-20 ... Read More

Call for Executive Committee nominations

Call for Executive Committee nominations
If you’re a member of the chapter and would like to be considered for nomination to either your local group or the chapter Executive Committee — or if you’d like to nominate someone else — please let us know ... Read More