About the Southern New Mexico Group

The Southern New Mexico Group of the Rio Grande Chapter includes dedicated activists and members across the southern half of New Mexico, working to protect our land, water, and air resources for this and future generations. Top priorities include protecting special places like the Organ Mountains ­Desert Peaks National Monument and Otero Mesa, as well as advocacy for wildlife, like the endangered Mexican Grey Wolf.

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P.O. Box 735
Mesilla, NM, 88046

Chair: Howie Dash, howiedash@aol.com(575) 652-7550

Header photo by Patrick Alexander

Southern New Mexico news

Sacrifice Zone – What is it?

Sacrifice Zone – What is it?
The New Mexico Environment Department denied a permit for a concrete batch plant on the State Highway 220 corridor due to local opposition and potential endangerment of health and lives. The Environmental Improvement Board, in a complete disregard for the ... Read More

Connecting with Nature on Earth Day

Connecting with Nature on Earth Day
It was a beautiful morning in Southern New Mexico for a hike and remembering the importance of spending time outdoors, breathing fresh air and connecting with the beautiful landscapes of the Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument on Earth Day ... Read More

New Mexico Can Act to Prevent Ill-Advised Profit Scheme

New Mexico Can Act to Prevent Ill-Advised Profit Scheme
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is scheduled in early 2023 to grant Holtec International a license to ‘temporarily’ store high-level nuclear waste near Carlsbad. Federal law requires a permanent disposal site to be identified before any interim site is established, but ... Read More

Residents fight Alto concrete plant

Roper Concrete batch plant in Carrizozo
Roper Construction has appealed the NM Environment Department denial of a permit to build a concrete plant. Local residents oppose the plant. The hearings are October 18-20 ... Read More