Preserving and protecting our environment is a political process


We work on electing environmentally minded legislators with the hope that they'll enact the environmental protections our communities need.  Our volunteers are actively involved in endorsing pro-environment candidates and then working for their election.  Find our more here. 


During our legislative session and in other decision-making forums we engage as grassroots lobbyists, working to inform and motivate our legislators to take action for clean air and clean water.  Get involved here.

Interested in helping environmental champions get elected?

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  3. Contact our political chair, Richard Barish at richard.barish@gmail.com

Recent political news

2024 Legislative Tracker

See a list of priority bills for the current session that the Rio Grande Chapter is for the 2024 legislative session ...
Get active in the 2024 NM legislative session
The 2024 New Mexico legislative session is upon us, and as ever, our air, climate, land, water, wildlife, families and communities require our action. You have been an important grassroots environmental lobbyist and we so appreciate your participation, work and support. Please take some time to fill out the survey to indicate where and how you'd like to participate during the session and the lead up to it ...
Our 2023 endorsements: Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Las Cruces
Rio Grande Chapter endorsements for 2023 November state-wide elections ...

2023 Legislative Tracker

See a list of priority bills for the current session that the Rio Grande Chapter is for the 2023 legislative session ...
How did Sierra Club’s endorsed candidates do? (Pretty darn well!)
Thanks to all of you who voted and volunteered in the 2022 general election! Your thousands of calls and door knocks resulted in climate champions winning up and down the New Mexico ticket, and perhaps made the difference in a priority state House race our candidate won by just 30 votes. Across the country, progressive, pro-environment candidates defied the pundits and historical voting patterns, though Democrats will barely lose control of the U.S. House. And Democrats increased their paper-thin Senate majority to 51 ...
Task Force building solutions to NM’s water crisis
It is no secret that New Mexico is in a water crisis. In fact, the whole Southwest is in the driest two decades it has seen in at least 1,200 years. And the hard truth is climate projections tell us conditions will only get more challenging from here. We can expect temperatures to increase 5-7 °F over the next 50 years, with a 25% decrease in our overall water supply, increasing demand and competition across the state for this precious resource even as it slips through our fingers. The Water Policy and Infrastructure Task Force is tackling these challenges head on. Established by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham over the summer and led by New Mexico’s State Engineer, the Task Force ...

2023 legislature Preview

2023 legislature Preview
This year is a “long” 60-day legislative session starting January 17, and there will be many exciting opportunities for Sierra Club members to provide input and participate (sometimes late into the night!) in the process. Here are a few of the bills we are expecting and will be advocating for or against in the coming session ...
Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter statement on New Mexico unofficial election results so far
As we await the results of legislative races and Congressional District 2, the Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter released the statements about the races that have been called ...