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Nothing has a bigger impact on our climate, water, land and wildlife than public policy and the people who set that policy. An important part of our nonpartisan mission is to endorse candidates for elected office and work to elect those candidates. Our endorsements and volunteer power make a real difference in elections. Check out our most recent endorsements.

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Recent political news

New Mexico Green Legislation

New Mexico gets legislation done with the help of its communities. The green wave continues to grow and the more everyone gets involved the more we can accomplish together. Teams are building, families are growing, and the unity is strengthening ... Read More

2019 Legislative Roundup

2019 Legislative Roundup
It was a notable - and in a few cases, heartbreaking - legislative session. Celebrate our wins and keep up the good work! ... Read More

Landmark Energy Transition Act passes NM Legislature!

Landmark Energy Transition Act passes NM Legislature!
On Tuesday March 12, the New Mexico State House passed SB489, the Energy Transition Act, sending this landmark legislation to Gov. Michelle Lujan-Grisham’s office. Nearly 1,000 New Mexico Sierra Club supporters contacted their legislators in support of this life-saving and ... Read More

Legislative Tracker

Sierra Club staff and volunteer leaders work to analyze and determine Club positions on bills at the State legislature. From among those on which we take a position, a number rise to the top as priority bills that deserve special ... Read More