Rio Grande Chapter Executive Committee

Camilla Feibelman, Director, 715-8388, profile

Mary Hotvedt, chair,, profile
Susan Martin, vice chair, (505) 988-5206, profile
Laurence Gibson, secretary,, (915) 309-5419, profile

Ray Shortridge,, (505) 604-3908
John Buchser, 820-0201, profile
Karl, (505) 850-3369,  profile
Derek Toledo,, (505) 401-7932
Dale Doremus,, (505) 795-5987
Shannon, (575) 758-3874, profile

Diane Reese, Central New Mexico Group,
Ken Hughes, Northern New Mexico Group, 474-0550
Jody Benson, Pajarito Group, 662-4782, profile
Kurt Anderson, Southern New Mexico Group,, (575) 646-1032, profile
El Paso Group: Open

Offices and Staff

Connie Huffmire, treasurer
Mona Blaber, chapter communications coordinator and Sierran editor, 660-5905 

Albuquerque office

Office: 2215 Lead Avenue SE, Albuquerque 87106, (505) 243-7767
Office hours: 1 pm - 5 pm, Monday - Wednesday; 9am - 12 noon, Thursday

Camilla Feibelman, Rio Grande Chapter Director, 715-8388
Miya King-Flaherty, Our Wild New Mexico organizing representative, 243-7767 

Northern New Mexico office

Office: 1807 Second Street, Unit 45, Santa Fe 87505, (505) 983-2703

Claire McKnight, PAC treasurer
Brintha Nathan, bookkeeper

Southern New Mexico

Antoinette Reyes, Southern NM organizer,, (575) 312-8332
Luis Guerrero, Legislative and Political Organizer,, (575) 635-3354, profile

Sierra Club National

Office: 2101 Webster St., Suite 1300, Oakland, CA 94612, (415) 977-5500

Local Groups

Central New Mexico Group

2215 Lead Ave SE, Albuquerque 87106
Chair: Diane Reese,

El Paso Group

P.O. Box 9191, El Paso TX 79995
Chair: Laurence, (915) 309-5419

Northern New Mexico Group

1807 Second Street, Unit 45, Santa Fe 87505, (505) 983-2703
Chair: John Buchser,, (505) 820-0201

Pajarito Group

520 Navajo Road, Los Alamos 87544
Chair: Jody Benson, 662-4782

Southern New Mexico Group

P.O. Box 735, Mesilla 88046
Chair: Howie 652-7550


Chapter outings chair: Terry 301-4349

Central New Mexico: Terry Owen
El Paso: Laurence
Northern New Mexico: Alan
Southern New Mexico: Howie Dash,

Inspiring Connections Outdoors:
Santa Fe: Raymond Greenwell,, (516) 312-5751
El Paso: Ted Mertig, 852-3011

Military Outdoors Program: Terry Owen

Youth Programs

The Global Warming Express: Genie Stevens, (statewide)
Bosquitos: Sarita Streng,, (505) 288-8713 (Albuquerque)
Inspiring Connections Outdoors
New Mexico: Raymond Greenwell,, 516-312-5751
El Paso: Ted Mertig, 915-852-3011,

Conservation Issues

Conservation Chair: Karl Braithwaite, 
Energy/Climate Change: Karl Braithwaite,
Water: Dale Doremus,
Dairy: Dan Lorimier,
Water Sentinels: Shannon Romeling,
Public Lands: Derrick Toledo,
Nuclear Waste Storage: John Buchser,
Wildlife: Mary Katherine Ray, 772-5655
Four Corners: Miya King-Flaherty,
Methane: Camilla Feibelman,
Mining, Sand & Gravel: Allyson Siwik,
Transportation: Co-chairs: Ken Hughes,;  and Howie Dash,
Zero Waste: Northern NM – Joe Eigner,; Central NM – Carol Chamberland,

Action Teams

Bosque Action Team: Richard Barish,, (505) 232-3013
Bag-Free Team: Jody Benson,

Activism Teams

Communications Team: Chair: Shannon Romeling. Members: Laurence Gibson, John Buchser
Rio Grande Sierran Editorial Board: Laurence Gibson, Ken Hughes, Mary Katherine Ray, Jody Benson, David Coss, Shannon Romeling
Sierran Editor: Mona Blaber,, (505) 660-5905
Web Editor: Ellen Loehman,

Elections: Mona Blaber, John Buchser, Claire McKnight
Nominating: Mary Hotvedt, Michael DiRosa, Ken Hughes
Finance: Chair: Ray Shortridge. Members: Brintha Nathan, Howie Dash, Claire McKnight, Connie Huffmire
Friends & Funds: Chair: Louise Jensen,, (201) 910-1716. Members: John Buchser, David Coss, Susan Martin, Mark Rudd, Shannon Rommeling. DeFacto: Mary Hotvedt, Camilla Feibelman
Legal: Richard Barish,
Legislative: Co-chairs: Melinda Smith, and Patricia Cardona,

Personnel: Chair: John Buchser. Members: Mary Hotvedt, Laurence Gibson, Fred Houdek
Political Team: Chair: Richard Barish. Pajarito – Jody Benson; Central NM – Ray Shortridge; Southern NM – Dan Lorimier; El Paso – Laurence Gibson; Northern NM – Ken Hughes;
Members – Susan Martin, Mary Hotvedt, Patricia Cardona, Kurt Anderson, John Buchser
Political Compliance Officer: Richard Barish

Sierra Student Coalition: El Paso – Neysa Hardin,; Albuquerque/UNM – Keely Scheffler,, (303) 217-1943

Coalitions/Working Groups

Chaco Coalition: Miya King-Flaherty, Teresa Seamster
Chihuahuan Desert Border Wall Coalition: Antoinette Reyes, Kurt Anderson
Coalition for Clean Affordable Energy: Karl Braithwaite, Camilla Feibelman
Doña Ana County Coalition: Howie Dash
Friends of the Rio Grande del Norte: Eric Patterson
Nuclear Waste Storage Coalition: John Buchser, Patricia Cardona
Otero Mesa Action Team: Antoinette Reyes
Valles Caldera Coalition: Teresa Seamster

National, Regional Representatives

Council of Club Leaders Delegate: Shannon Romeling; Susan Martin, alternate
Building Healthy Communities Team Facilitator: Ken Hughes
BLM Subcommittee of the Wildlands Committee: Tom Gorman, Miya King-Flaherty
Rio Grande Water Fund: Teresa Seamster
Water Sentinels: Teresa Seamster, Shannon Romeling

Rio Grande image from Wikimedia Commons.