Bosquitos – thank you!

Bosquitos – thank you!

Thank you to many of you for attending the pollinator event at the Westside Open Space.  What a wonderful outing! Our group was multi-generational with 20 participants. We were guided by the Westside Open Space Visitor Center staff Kent Swanson, Brianda Rez, and Marisa Valdez.

We visited an art display about pollinators, learned about what pollinators do, visited the pollinator garden, and the nocturne garden. Pollinators are vital to helping plants reproduce by helping plants make fruit or seeds. They do this by moving pollen from one part of the flower of a plant to another part.  Bats, bees, birds, butterflies, and even humans can be pollinators! We learned that about 4000 bee species visit the Bosque area in Albuquerque!  ...

Trip report – Ancho Rapids/Frijoles hike

From leader Aku

Five hikers had a PERFECT day on Saturday for a hike from the Ancho Rapids trailhead to Lower Frijoles Falls in Bandelier, and back.  After a  brief side visit to Ancho Rapids, they hiked through White Rock Canyon, enjoying both the exceptional scenery and the considerable challenge of getting to the falls.  In the last few years, the route along the bank of the Rio Grande has become much more overgrown and impeded by deadfall through lack of use.  Everyone enthusiastically accepted the challenges of the route and worked together to create a wonderful outing.

All photos copyright by Gustavo Seluja.


From leader Aku:
The weather stabilized beautifully for Sunday’s Sierra Club Frijoles Canyon loop hike, providing a perfect fall outing for Larry, Heidy, Bojan, and Aku in Bandelier. Box elders and many other lower elevation, deciduous trees and shrubs were showing lots of fall color, and we had almost the entire route to ourselves.  It was also an ideal opportunity to experience the spectacularly well-done clearing and “remodeling” of both the Frijoles Rim Trail and the Frijoles Canyon Trail.  Volunteers are the ones we can thank for keeping all of our spectacular hiking trails in good condition throughout New Mexico’s national forests and monuments.  Thank you ALL volunteers for the outdoors!

Outings report – August 26 Bosque Hike

We were a group of 10 enthusiasts including an artist who made some wonderful watercolor sketches along the way…..caramba!!! The weather was perfect and everyone was friendly and big-hearted.

We had a great time with this interesting and interested group….saw a small or young heron, turtles, mallards, lots of beetles, a small hawk, lots of lizards great and small, lots of hummingbirds. The area (Montano Bridge)  is green and lush right now.

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Hike leaders: Margaret &  Julie
Photos by Kim Adonna

Photos from the Legislature
Photos from the 2017 legislative session ...
Outings reports: May 2016-January 2017

Painted Cave

Saturday, May 7
From leader Larry Hughes:
The Painted Cave did not disappoint. The cave itself is much larger than one would expect from seeing photos, and the petroglyphs are numerous, varied and very vivid. All of us had the same first impression — WOW! As a side note, from the Dome trailhead, the round trip distance is about 13.5 miles. (Larry also advised to watch for falling trees on Dome Road and hike, especially on windy days.)

Photos from the Women's March on Washington - Albuquerque
January 21, 2017. Thousands of people in Albuquerque gathered in Civic Plaza in support of the Women's March on Washington. Our theme was 'Batting for Mother Earth.' ...

12/3/2015. As climate negotiators met in Paris for COP21, the Albuquerque Climate Coalition marched and sang clean energy carols at the Nob Hill ‘holiday shop and stroll’ to gather petition signatures for 100% clean renewable energy by 2050.