The Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club, founded in 1963, is a volunteer-led organization representing more than 7,000 members in New Mexico and West Texas. Our mission to is to explore, enjoy and protect the planet. We prioritize actions that protect our climate, ensure clean air and water, and conserve wildlife and public lands in New Mexico and West Texas.

Climate change

Image from David Suzuki

Climate change is the biggest crisis facing humanity. It impacts almost all other issues that affect our lives, including health, safety and economy. That's why the Sierra Club and the Rio Grande Chapter have made it our biggest priority. We focus on four key areas in our climate efforts: coal, energy policy, renewable energy, and zero waste.

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Animas River, 2015

Water is our lifeblood. We work vigilantly to keep our water safe and clean. From making sure New Mexico's dairies don't contaminate groundwater with the animal waste to fighting for better mining rules to keeping the Gila River free-flowing to testing rivers and streams for contaminants, our Water Team stays very busy.

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Volunteers photo from the BLM

The Rio Grande Chapter Public Lands Team is involved in various aspects of protecting our public lands. We've celebrated major victories in the last few years. Our advocacy efforts focus mostly on federal lands under the jurisdiction of the Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management, but it also includes state and local lands.

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Lobo photo from Wikipedia

From the smallest beetle to the largest elk, wildlife belongs to everyone. New Mexico allows bears and cougars to be hunted to extreme. Bobcats, foxes, and ringtails can be killed without limit in brutal leg-hold traps. Coyotes have no protections at all. Endangered wolves are struggling for survival. Who will speak for them?

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