Meet the ExComm – Diane Reese

Diane has lived in New Mexico since 2007 – when she received orders to Kirtland AFB. She served 25 years as a medical service corps officer, beginning in the Navy and finishing in the Air Force. When she retired in 2010, Diane turned her attention to outdoor activities and to volunteering. She enjoys hiking, camping, skiing and long walks with her husband and dogs in the Bosque. She had her first taste of rafting with a 24 day trip on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon this year, has summited 6 fourteeners and hopes to add to that in the coming years.

Diane has been a member of the Sierra Club since 1996 and a life member since 2017. In 2019, she joined the Executive Committee of the Central Group, was elected Chair and also serves as the Vice Chair of the Chapter. Diane loves being an Outings Leader and staffing the Sierra Club table at public events. She lives in the South Valley of Albuquerque and is an avid campaigner for environmental champions who are seeking public office.

Meet the ExComm – Diane Reese

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