Your help needed to protect methane reductions

By Camilla Feibelman, Rio Grande Chapter director

You’ve read it here more than once. Oil and gas operations throughout the state are wasting natural gas they extract from our public lands.

Methane — the key component of natural gas that also happens to be a powerful greenhouse gas — is leaked, vented or flared throughout the oil and gas drilling, transport and storage processes. As part of the Paris Climate Agreement, the Obama Administration passed rules at the EPA and BLM that would slow this waste, protect health, reduce climate change and brought more royalties into the state treasury.

That these methane rules (against all odds) are still in effect is thanks to you. The Trump Administration has done its ...
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PNM's San Juan bonding bill needs improvement
The Sierra Club will oppose SB47, PNM's "securitization" bill for retiring San Juan Generating Station, tomorrow in the Senate Conservation Committee. Read our analysis ...
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BLM pauses methane safeguards
 On Dec. 8, the Trump Administration's Bureau of Land Management finalized a one-year delay of a rule that would plug oil and methane leaks from oil and gas operations. The agency said the rule "may be rescinded or significantly revised in the near future."  ...
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Celebrate the wins and keep going
It's not all bad news! We've had some major challenges, but also major victories ...
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Still working for Puerto Rico
It's been more than three months since Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, leaving almost the entire island without power. The Sierra Club is helping and so can you ...
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Map of western US that shows methane emissions
The methane rule is under attack yet again. Submit your comments before November 6 ...
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Hope for slashing methane waste

By Camilla Feibelman, 
Chapter director

Common-sense, climate-protecting methane rules have been targeted as the next victim of an obscure tool that President Trump and congressional Republicans have used to revoke stream protections and other air and water safeguards.

But the Sierra Club and our allies are building bipartisan opposition to this effort to appease the oil and gas industry at tragic cost.

You may already know that methane is a colorless, odorless substance that is also the main component of natural gas. It is also a potent global-warming gas that oil and gas drilling sites accidentally leak and intentionally vent and flare. The Obama administration proposed a comprehensive set of good-neighbor, job-creating, royalty-increasing rules, some of which have already taken ...
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