Preserving and protecting our environment is a political process


We work on electing environmentally minded legislators with the hope that they'll enact the environmental protections our communities need.  Our volunteers are actively involved in endorsing pro-environment candidates and then working for their election.  Find our more here. 


During our legislative session and in other decision-making forums we engage as grassroots lobbyists, working to inform and motivate our legislators to take action for clean air and clean water.  Get involved here.

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Recent political news

Sierra Club wrap-up of NM legislative session 2022
If New Mexico’s 30-day legislative session ended at noon today with what felt like a series of big news and crashes and burns, that's in part because lawmakers introduced and New Mexicans fought for some of the strongest and most transformational climate and democracy legislation in years, compressed into a crushing timeline that has always been inadequate to suit New Mexico's needs.  ...

Click here to tell Gov. Lujan Grisham and your legislators know how important it is to eliminate climate pollution

Sponsors: Rep. Nathan Small, Speaker Brian Egolf, Rep. Kristina Ortez, Sen. Mimi Stewart, Sen. Siah Correa Hemphill 

The clean-energy transition is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to diversify our economy, raise new revenue, and create good jobs, in addition to tackling the climate and health impacts we already see across New Mexico. For our climate, our health, and our economy, it’s time to open new doors to a clean future for every New Mexico community. 

The Clean Future Act sets ambitious requirements of a 50% reduction of climate pollution in New Mexico by 2030 and at least 90% by 2050. Because New Mexico’s ...

2022 Legislative Tracker

See a list of priority bills for the current session that the Rio Grande Chapter is for the 2022 legislative session ...
Environmental Leaders Respond to LFC’s Budget Request
On January 6, the New Mexico Legislative Finance Committee unveiled its budget proposal for consideration in the 2022 legislative session. The Committee proposed a $8.46 billion budget plan that fails to address the severity of the climate crisis by underfunding critical programming, investing in fossil fuel projects, and drastically cutting the essential budgets for environmental regulators ...
2021 Election Roundup (with Albuquerque runoffs still pending)
Thanks to everyone who voted in the 2021 local elections, and a super big thanks to all of you who got out and worked for the election of our endorsed candidates.  The results were mostly good, but with some disappointments ...
If you live in Albuquerque Council Districts 7 or 9, it’s urgent you vote in the December 7 runoff!
If you live in Albuquerque District 7 or District 9, it’s urgent that you vote! This is a nonpartisan election, but both of the candidates endorsed by the Sierra Club are Democrats running against Republicans.  In the last City runoff election, the Republican vote dropped off 18% from the general election vote, while the Democratic vote dropped off 32%.  That’s the difference between winning and losing these races.  So far, in Rob Grilley’s race, Republicans are outvoting Democrats.  46.7% of the votes have been cast by Republicans, while only 40% have been cast by Democrats ...
Endorsements for 2021 Local Elections
Election day is November 2, and in odd-numbered years like this, we vote on non-partisan elections, which include municipal and certain other local elections. The Rio Grande Chapter has endorsed mayoral and city council candidates in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Las Cruces. In addition, the Chapter has endorsed candidates for the Boards of Soil and Water Conservation Districts, which do great conservation work at the local level. Finally, we have endorsed candidates for the Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Directors, which is ground zero for equity issues and climate education. Read about the endorsements here, and please vote! ...
Wins and losses for climate justice, lands and wildlife

Camilla Feibelman, camilla.feibelman@sierraclub.org, (505) 715-8388

Santa Fe, NM — The unique 2021 legislative session produced significant environment, climate and justice legislation, all of it signed into law by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham.

“We saw legislators innovate and find ways to pass historic legislation despite unprecedented obstacles. We also watched committee strangleholds block legislation critical for New Mexicans’ health and wellbeing. And yet, with the governor’s signature, our public lands will be safe from dangerous traps and poisons; communities around the Gila River will be able to embark on local conservation projects; our civil rights will be actionable; communities have access to creating their own renewable energy; and the path for a just transition to a sustainable economy is clearer.”

The ...