Preserving and protecting our environment is a political process


We work on electing environmentally minded legislators with the hope that they'll enact the environmental protections our communities need.  Our volunteers are actively involved in endorsing pro-environment candidates and then working for their election.  Find our more here. 


During our legislative session and in other decision-making forums we engage as grassroots lobbyists, working to inform and motivate our legislators to take action for clean air and clean water.  Get involved here.

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Recent political news

Grassroots challengers beat Big Oil money

Sierra Club-endorsed candidates upset Big Oil money on Election Day

Albuquerque — In Tuesday’s New Mexico primary, voters demanded candidates who will strive for justice, community and a safe climate for future generations.

The Sierra Club joined an array of progressive and social-justice organizations in an unprecedented effort to support grassroots challengers to some of the most powerful elected officials in New Mexico. Chevron spent more than $700,000 on a Texas-based PAC that backed conservative incumbents, and a Republican-leaning PAC spent thousands on deceptive last-minute mailers and robocalls, but progressive challengers prevailed in most races. Despite the big spending from out of state in favor of incumbents, Siah Corea Hemphill, Pam Cordova, Neomi Martinez-Parra, Carrie Hamblen, Brenda McKenna and Leo ...
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N.M. Senate District 38: Sierra Club endorses Carrie Hamblen

June 2 New Mexico Democratic primary

District 38 (Las Cruces and south Doña Ana County): Carrie Hamblen

The Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter is proud to endorse our friend and community leader Carrie Hamblen for the Senate District 38 Democratic nomination.

As president of the Las Cruces Green Chamber of Commerce, Carrie helped lead efforts to win Organ Mountains Desert Peaks designation as a National Monument.

She has served Southern New Mexico as morning news anchor and operations manager at KRWG public radio, as an NMSU instructor, and as board president of the Mesilla Valley Community of Hope and member of PFLAG Las Cruces and Southern NM PRIDE.

Her opponent is Mary Kay Papen, who has blocked New Mexicans from ...
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In these difficult times, elections may understandably not be the first thing on everybody’s mind. However, as we have recently observed, good leadership matters a great deal. View our list of vetted candidates for the NM House and Senate, and two county commissioner races ...
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N.M. Senate District 4: Sierra Club endorses Noreen Kelly

June 2 New Mexico Democratic primary

District 4 (McKinley, Cibola and San Juan counties): Noreen Kelly

The Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter is proud to endorse Noreen Kelly for N.M. Senate District 4.  Kelly, a Navajo elder from Church Rock, has a deep commitment to community involvement and preserving our resources.

Kelly is a Strong Families core leader on reproductive justice and domestic violence. She is a board member of two Native schools and has been active for 20 years in Diné Elders for Peace, which preserves Native languages and communicates teachings of elders. Kelly is a sexual-assault counselor and works in her community on food-sovereignty issues. 

Kelly’s opponent, Sen. George Muñoz, has a poor 47% environmental voting record. Muñoz ...
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N.M. Senate District 9: Sierra Club endorses Brenda McKenna

June 2 New Mexico Democratic primary

District 9 (Corrales, E. Rio Rancho, Bernalillo, Sandoval County): Brenda McKenna

The Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter is proud to endorse Brenda McKenna, a longtime wildlife and community advocate, for N.M. Senate District 4.

Brenda McKenna is a field representative for U.S. Rep. Deb Haaland, who endorses her candidacy for this open seat. McKenna was coordinator for the Nambé Tewa Language Revitalization Program and is a language-preservation teacher and scholar.

McKenna is also a longtime volunteer for Wildlife Conservation Advocacy Southwest, Hawks Aloft and our own Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter. Her advocacy was key to outlawing cruel coyote-killing contests in New Mexico.

The Sierra Club is proud to endorse someone with such deep ...
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N.M. Senate District 28: Sierra Club endorses Siah Correa Hemphill

June 2 New Mexico Democratic primary

District 28: Grant, Socorro and Catron counties: Siah Correa Hemphill

The Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter endorsed Siah Correa Hemphill for N.M. Senate District 28 because of her deep commitment to her community and to protecting our resources.

Siah was inspired to pursue her 25-year career in education and special education by her son Nicholas, who was born with a rare genetic syndrome and has multiple disabilities.

Born and raised in Grant County, Siah will be a strong voice for environmental values in Southwest New Mexico, continuing the leadership that Howie Morales began in this district. She supports local water-conservation projects rather than the expensive Gila River diversion to meet Southwest New Mexico’s water ...
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N.M. Senate District 30: Sierra Club endorses Pam Cordova

June 2 New Mexico Democratic Primary

State Senate District 30: Cibola (including Grants), McKinley, Socorro, Valencia counties

The Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter has the pleasure of endorsing a longtime member, Pam Cordova, for state Senate in District 30.

Cordova is a retired pubilc-school teacher and former president of the New Mexico Federation of Democratic Women. She has a strong history of community involvement. Cordova supports significant investment in early-childhood education, climate solutions, affordable health care and paid sick leave for New Mexicans.

Cordova is challenging Sen. Clemente Sanchez, who has sided with Republicans to block critical environmental legislation and repeatedly opposed permanent funding for universal preschool. Sanchez has taken more than $100,000 from oil and gas and other corporate interests, ...
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2020 New Mexico Primary: State Senate Endorsements
The Rio Grande Sierra Club endorsements for the New Mexico primary - State Senate ...
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