Preserving and protecting our environment is a political process


We work on electing environmentally minded legislators with the hope that they'll enact the environmental protections our communities need.  Our volunteers are actively involved in endorsing pro-environment candidates and then working for their election.  Find our more here. 


During our legislative session and in other decision-making forums we engage as grassroots lobbyists, working to inform and motivate our legislators to take action for clean air and clean water.  Get involved here.

Interested in helping environmental champions get elected?

  1. Fill out our elections volunteer form
  2. Donate to Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club PAC
  3. Contact our political chair, Richard Barish at richard.barish@gmail.com

Recent political news

Will a virtual session make real progress? 
This is a complex moment for legislative transformation. On the one hand, New Mexicans are clearly communicating their desire for big, bold change. We demonstrated that in the elections, creating a progressive state Senate to go with our progressive House.  ...
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A new slate of environmental champions for New Mexico
You elected 63 of the Sierra Club's 77 endorsed candidates. Thank you for everything you did to elect a historic slate of women and candidates of color, including the nation's second female-majority legislature and the nation's first all-woman-of-color U.S. House delegation ...
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Call to action: The power of the vote
The power of the vote is a tremendous tool to shape, change, and influence the destiny of America. In the 2016 general election only about 56 percent of those eligible to vote participated. Use your superpower: VOTE ...
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A government for us must be built by us
Did you know? Native Americans weren’t guaranteed voting rights until 1962. This world needs to be built by and for all of us. Vote ...
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Your Sierra Club recommendations in one place
Use our tool: enter your address, check your registration status, make a plan to vote, and see which Sierra Club endorsed candidates are on your ballot ...
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2020 General Election - Public Regulation Commission candidates and amendment
View the Rio Grande Sierra Club endorsed candidates for the Public Regulation Commission, as well as an analysis and recommendation of Amendment 1, restructuring the PRC ...
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It's time to make our voices heard!
View the Rio Grande Sierra Club slate of endorsed candidates for the 2020 general election – terrific leaders at the federal, state, and local levels ...
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Endorsements for 2020 Races - Local races
View the Rio Grande Sierra Club slate of endorsed candidates for county races ...
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