Volunteers needed

The Rio Grande Chapter is led by volunteers, and our volunteer corps of citizens is the heart of our effectiveness on so many issues. If you’d like to help us protect our climate, water, air, land and wildlife, write to riogrande.chapter@sierraclub.org and let us know what issues you’re most interested in and what type of tasks you might be interested in.

Northern New Mexico

Volunteer Coordinators

We can help you find the activity, committee or event you would like to participate in. Call one of us today!

Teresa Seamster: ctc.seamster@gmail.com  or (505) 466-8964
Tom Gorman: gormantd@gmail.com  (505) 438-3932

Zero Waste Committee

Team members work on recycling and waste issues in the Santa Fe area. Contact Joe for help with all zero waste events, composting and recycling.

Contact Joseph Eigner: joeigner@gmail.com

Central New Mexico


Every Wednesday afternoon, at our office on 2215 Lead Avenue SE (near Yale), volunteers enter data, make phone calls for events, political candidates, and various issues.

Contact MiyaKing-Flaherty: miya.king-flaherty@sierraclub.org (505) 301-0863


We often participate in events around Albuquerque and need volunteers to help spread the word about issues we work on. These are year-round and April is the busiest month.

Contact Fred Houdek: fjhoudek@gmail.com

Other volunteer opportunities include letter writing or lobbying.

Contact Camilla Feibelman: camilla.feibelman@sierraclub.org

See our Act on the Issues page for more ways you can volunteer to help preserve and protect the environment.

Things you can do

What we can do about climate change

What we can do about climate change
We owe it to our children's future to move forward on climate issues. One simple way to act locally is to urge local governments and schools to ask for capital funding for solar installations and efficiency improvements ... Read More

Tell Grant County To Stop Paying To Poison And Trap Wildlife

Tell Grant County To Stop Paying To Poison And Trap Wildlife
Grant County, NM has been paying Wildlife Services to kill native wildlife such as coyotes, often by cruel and unacceptable methods. Tell them you don't want your tax dollars spent that way ... Read More

Tell The Public Regulation Commission To Block SPS’s Solar Penalty

Tell The Public Regulation Commission To Block SPS's Solar Penalty
Since 2011, Southwestern Public Service has been charging eastern New Mexico families who invest in solar a hefty monthly fee that no one else pays, and that they must pay no matter how little energy they use. This is unfair and ... Read More

Support the Los Alamos High School EcoClub

Photo of plastic bags as trash for the Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter website
The Los Alamos High School EcoClub is taking on the very powerful plastics industry as well as some Los Alamos citizens by requesting a fee be imposed on single-use plastic bags in Los Alamos County ... Read More