1,000 New Mexicans urge New Mexico to start Clean Cars rulemaking immediately 

For immediate release: July 22, 2021
Contact: Tammy Fiebelkorn, SWEEP – 505-410-3884 tfiebelkorn@swenergy.org
Pete Chipman, Plug-In America, pchipman@pluginamerica.org

1,000 New Mexicans urge New Mexico to start Clean Cars rulemaking immediately

As the Environmental Improvement Board prepares to meet on Friday to decide whether to approve a petition by community groups to start a rulemaking to adopt advanced Clean Cars standards in New Mexico, New Mexicans are urging them to move swiftly.

While the governor and the New Mexico Environment Department have expressed their intent to implement these climate-saving standards, the state’s timeline is likely to miss a critical window that would put more EVs and fuel-efficient cars on New Mexico roads by 2024. The state’s plan is likely to push implementation all the way to the 2027 model year.

“We can’t afford further delay on these Clean Car Standards. Now is the time for decisive climate action. If New Mexico misses the window this year, the state likely couldn’t implement clean-car rules until 2027 — much too long to wait.”
– Tammy Fiebelkorn, SWEEP

“As we enter our 3rd consecutive choking wildfire season, in the midst of extreme drought, we must act urgently to halt climate change. By implementing the strongest possible clean car standards, we can address a leading cause of global warming – the vehicle emissions from burning gas and diesel fuel. We have no time to wait, and our children will not forgive us if we fail this test. “
– Tom Solomon & Jim Mackenzie, 350 New Mexico

“New Mexicans have spoken loud and clear that we must act with the urgency that the climate crisis calls for — the state should take the opportunity that these groups have provided to start a Clean Cars rulemaking now and not miss this critical window to act.”
— Mona Blaber, Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter

Implementing Clean Car Standards in New Mexico now, not later, is so important to accelerate the access New Mexicans have to electric vehicles.  New Mexico should not be left out of the benefits that clean transportation will bring to its citizens by delaying the adoption of these standards.
– Pete Chipman, Plug In America

A few of the comments from New Mexicans to the EIB
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We, our children and grandchildren need us to make quick decisive changes that will positively impact our environment. Thank you for working toward a better future! — Anthony, NM

This should be an easy decision to make. Please move forward. — Ranchos de Taos

It will take awhile to begin making and create rules. Please begin as soon as possible. Thank You. — Albuquerque

The time is now! — Alamogordo

This is as important as the pandemic. Gov. Lujan Grisham did a great job handling the pandemic. Now do a great job with climate change. — Santa Fe

The organizations that filed the petition are: Center for Civic Policy, Conservation Voters New Mexico, Natural Resources Defense Council, Plug In America, Prosperity Works, Sierra Club, Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, and 350 New Mexico.

1,000 New Mexicans urge New Mexico to start Clean Cars rulemaking immediately