Endorsements for 2020 Races – NM House

New Mexico State House of Representatives

We’re fortunate to have a pretty terrific House of Representatives. We have many long-standing environmental and progressive heroes in the House. In 2018, we elected some great, new progressive women to the House to help solidify our majority. This year, our goals are three-fold.

  1. Defending some of the 2018 freshman winners who are in tough districts, including Melanie Stansbury, who has become a true leader in addressing the water shortages we are increasingly experiencing in the State, and Karen Bash.
  2. Continue strengthening the House by electing a new round of great candidates, including Jessica Velasquez, Brittney Barreras, Kristina Ortez, Marian Matthews, and Billie Helean.
  3. Reelecting our longstanding environmental heroes like Matt McQueen.

Please vote and support these candidates. If you are confused about voting options, see our guide to New Mexico Voting. County Clerks will begin mailing absentee ballots on October 6. Early voting begins October 6 at county clerks offices.  Expanded early voting begins October 17. Election day is November 3. You can check your voter registration and status of ballot requests at nmvote.org.

Don’t know your district? Check the Secretary of State’s Voter Information Portal, or you can visit the Club’s Election Center, which will show your district number and a candidate if the Chapter has endorsed a candidate in your district.

Do you want to help? Volunteer to help elect these environmental champions!

The Rio Grande Chapter is proud to endorse the following outstanding environmental candidates for the State House of Representatives

House District 5: Wonda Johnson
House District 10: Andrés Romero
House District 11: Javier Martinez
House District 12: Brittney Barreras
House District 13: Patricia Roybal Caballero (read more)
House District 14: Miguel Garcia (read more)
House District 15: Dayan Hochman Vigil
House District 17: Debbie Armstrong (read more)
House District 18: Gail Chasey
House District 19: Sheryl Williams Stapelton
House District 21:  Debbie Sarinaña
House District 22: Jessica Velasquez
House District 23: Daymon Ely
House District 24: Liz Thomson
House District 25: Christine Trujillo
House District 26: Georgene Louis
House District 27: Marian Matthews (read more)
House District 28: Melanie Stansbury
House District 29: Joy Garratt
House District 30: Natalie Figueroa
House District 31: Julie Brenning
House District 33: Micaela Cadena
House District 35: Angelica Rubio
House District 36: Nathan Small
House District 37: Joanne Ferrary
House District 38: Karen Whitlock
House District 39: Rudy Martinez
House District 40: Roger Montoya (read more)
House District 41: Susan Herrera
House District 42: Kristina Ortez (read more)
House District 43: Christine Chandler
House District 44:  Gary Tripp
House District 45: Linda Serrato (read more)
House District 46:  Andrea Romero
House District 47: Brian Egolf
House District 50:  Matthew McQueen (read more)
House District 52:  Doreen Gallegos
House District 57:  Billie Helean
House District 59: Kimble Kearns
House District 65: Derrick Lente (read more)
House District 68: Karen Bash

Authorized and paid for by The Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club Political Action Committee.

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Richard Barish, Rio Grande Chapter Political Chair

Endorsements for 2020 Races – NM House