How did Sierra Club’s endorsed candidates do? (Pretty darn well!)

By Richard Barish, Chapter Political chair
From the January/February/March 2023 newsletter

Thanks to all of you who voted and volunteered in the 2022 general election! Your thousands of calls and door knocks resulted in climate champions winning up and down the New Mexico ticket, and perhaps made the difference in a priority state House race our candidate won by just 30 votes. Across the country, progressive, pro-environment candidates defied the pundits and historical voting patterns, though Democrats will barely lose control of the U.S. House. And Democrats increased their paper-thin Senate majority to 51.

We still face a very real threat to our democracy, especially given results in state Supreme Courts in Ohio and North Carolina, but most election deniers running for higher state or federal office around the country were defeated. And after Michigan voters passed an independent redistricting commission a few years ago, Michigan has elected its first Democratic state Legislature since 1983.

In New Mexico, you crushed it. We can now do so much for climate, clean air, public lands and wildlife in the next four years. Democrats keep their 45-25 majority in the state House. Almost all of our progressive champions will be firmly in place to pass comprehensive climate-justice legislation with a pro-environment governor. The 60-day legislative session starts in just a few weeks. Contact camilla.feibelman@sierraclub.org to join our grassroots lobby team and add to our people-powered movement!

Here’s a rundown of Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter endorsements in contested races, which includes 34 victories and only 3 losses.


Congressional District 1: Rep. Melanie Stansbury WON
Congressional District 2: Gabe Vasquez WON
Congressional District 3: Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez WON

Statewide offices

Governor: Michelle Lujan Grisham WON
Lieutenant Governor: Howie Morales WON
Land Commissioner: Stephanie Garcia Richard WON
Secretary of State: Maggie Toulouse Oliver WON
Attorney General: Raúl Torrez WON

Constitutional Amendment 1: Yes WON
Constitutional Amendment 2 Yes WON

State House of Representatives

District 10: Andres Romero WON
District 11: Javier Martinez WON
District 14: Miguel Garcia WON
District 15: Day Hochman-Vigil WON
District 18: Gail Chasey WON
District 22: Augustine Montoya LOST
District 24: Elizabeth (Liz) Thomson WON
District 26: Eleanor Chavez WON
District 27: Marian Matthews WON
District 28: Pamelya Herndon WON
District 29: Joy Garratt WON
District 30: Natalie Figueroa WON
District 31: Athena Christodoulou LOST
District 33: Micaela Cadena WON
District 35: Angelica Rubio WON
District 36: Nathan Small WON
District 37: Joanne Ferrary WON
District 38: Tara Jaramillo WON
District 39: Rodolpho (Rudy) Martinez LOST
District 44: Kathleen Cates WON
District 46: Andrea Romero WON
District 52: Doreen Gallegos WON
District 68: Charlotte Little Recount possible. Little is currently ahead by 30 votes!

County Offices

Bernalillo County Commission District 1: Barbara Baca WON
Bernalillo County Commission District 5: Eric Olivas WON
Bernalillo County Sheriff: John Allen WON
Doña Ana Commission District 3: Shannon Reynolds WON
Doña Ana County Sheriff: Kim Stewart WON
Sandoval County Commission District 1: Katherine Bruch WON

Again, thank you to all those who voted and volunteered for the Rio Grande Chapter!

How did Sierra Club’s endorsed candidates do? (Pretty darn well!)