Bosquitos – thank you!

Thank you to many of you for attending the pollinator event at the Westside Open Space.  What a wonderful outing! Our group was multi-generational with 20 participants. We were guided by the Westside Open Space Visitor Center staff Kent Swanson, Brianda Rez, and Marisa Valdez.

We visited an art display about pollinators, learned about what pollinators do, visited the pollinator garden, and the nocturne garden. Pollinators are vital to helping plants reproduce by helping plants make fruit or seeds. They do this by moving pollen from one part of the flower of a plant to another part.  Bats, bees, birds, butterflies, and even humans can be pollinators! We learned that about 4000 bee species visit the Bosque area in Albuquerque!  We visited and examined a “bee motel” and with a smile on our faces asked if maybe the motel should be called an “air-bee-and-bee” instead. We also visited the New Mexican culture garden and learned from Ken about waffle style gardening and identified chile, corn, squash, quelites, spinach, and bean plants.  Marisa and Brianda taught us how to harvest seeds from amaranth plants.

At the end our our outing we talked about how many pollinators – especially bees are in trouble.  We can help them by providing habitat for them, not using pesticides, and buying organic foods.

Our next get-together will be meeting with Wildlife Rescue to learn about what their organization does to help rehabilitate injured wildlife. November 4.  Available time slots are 10 am or 11:15 am.  Because we will be meeting with some animals, we will be meeting in smaller groups.  The event will take place at the Sierra Club office 2215 Lead Ave SEAlbuquerque.  There is parking in the back.  Please RSVP for this event as we want to keep the animals more comfortable and groups small.  Please RSVP to Julie Hudson jth@cybermesa.com.

The Bosquitos are the youth-centered group of the Bosque Action Team. Our mission is to learn about Albuquerque’s Bosque, the animals and plants that live there, and ways to take care of the Bosque and our earth as a precious natural space. Call Sarita Streng at 505-288-8713 for more information or if you have difficulty finding our group. Also, if you need special assistance, please let us know ahead and we will do our best to help.

Also if you would like to organize an event for our group or have suggestions for other outings or educational events, we would love ideas and more volunteers.

Thank you!
Please contact Sarita Streng at 505-288-8713 or Julie Hudson at jth@cybermesa.com.

Bosquitos – thank you!
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