Albuquerque bosque

By Fred Houdek,
Central New Mexico Group chair

The Bosque Action Team continues to meet monthly, and our hikes and activities in the Bosque are increasing in attendance.

The City of Albuquerque has begun the public-input process on Phase 3 of the multi-use trail between Campbell Road and Montaño. The city proposed four alternative route alignments for the trail. The alternatives were to be presented and reviewed at a public meeting on July 26. Just days before the meeting, it was rescheduled for Aug. 11. Neither date was announced except on the city’s website. Only 78 people attended, including several Bosque Action Team members.

On September 9, the city posted the final trail alignment on its website.  To the City’s credit, much of the public input and comments from the action team and Sierra Club were incorporated in the final plan.

Volunteer Wednesday

We have volunteers on Wednesdays to do data input, make calls and other projects. If you’d like to join our volunteer office Wednesdays, contact miya.king-flaherty@sierraclub.org.

Artist of the Month

The Central Group hosted two First Friday art events this summer. Join us every first Friday evening of the month for food, fun, great art and great people!

Central New Mexico Group report, October 2016