Chapter endorsements for Albuquerque City Council

The Sierra Club has endorsed two outstanding candidates, Pat Davis and Israel Chavez, in the Oct. 6 Albuquerque City Council election.

Pat is running in District 6 to replace retiring Councilor Rey Garduño. District 6 includes the University area and the southeast heights, among other areas. Pat is a former police officer who has run the Progress New Mexico site for some years. He has been endorsed by teachers, firefighters and other unions, as well as outgoing Councilor Garduño and Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham. He is a strong supporter of issues important to the Club, including energy and Bosque issues.

Israel is taking on longtime incumbent Brad Winter in the District 4 race. District 4 is mostly north of Montgomery and east of the railroad tracks. Winter may be vulnerable because of the high crime and drug-use rates in this district, together with the fact that it is widely believed that Winter, with a second home in Florida, will not serve out his term, but will resign at some point so the mayor can appoint his successor. Israel is a young, bright, and politically savvy guy, endorsed by both unions and private-sector tech firms. He is supportive of the Club’s positions across the board.

This is an election where your vote can really make a difference. Voter turnout for the city’s October elections is always low, but will be especially low this year, when there is no mayoral election. Joe Monahan predicts that we won’t even match the measly 12% turnout of 2011.

We need a City Council that is friendly to environmental concerns. If both of our candidates win, we will have a veto-proof pro-Bosque, pro-environment majority on City Council. Please vote on October 6!

Early voting is underway.  You can vote  9:00 a.m to 6:00 p,m., Monday through Friday, through Oct. 2, at the following locations:

98th and Central (Co. rental)

120 98th NW, Suite A5


West Mesa Community Center

5500 Glenrio NW


City of Albuquerque Records Center

604 Menaul NW


Office of the City Clerk

600 2nd NW


Alamosa Community Center

6900 Gonzales NW


North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center

7521 Carmel NE


Don Newton / Taylor Ranch Community Center

4900 Kachina NW


Veterans Memorial

1100 Louisiana SE


Daskalos Plaza

5339 Menaul NE


Montgomery Crossing (Co. rental)

8510 Montgomery NE


Caracol Plaza

12500 Montgomery NE


Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center

501 Elizabeth SE


Chapter endorsements for Albuquerque City Council

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