Climate program reaching more kids

By Genie Stevens, Global Warming Express

The partnership between Sierra Club and the Global Warming Express kids climate program is chugging along.

Following their successful appearance at the Public Education Department hearing, the Global Warming Expressers got to work learning science and climate science in the following schools:

Santa Fe: Acequia Madre Elementary School, (and starting at El Camino Real Academy next semester)

Albuquerque: Cien Aguas International Charter School, Reginald Chavez Elementary (in-school and after-school programs), Kirtland Elementary, Montessori of the Rio Grande Charter School.

Las Cruces: a program will begin at Central Elementary in January.

The science and sustainability portion of the program uses the Sunlight Series books by award-winning author/illustrator Molly Bang, who works with Penny Chisholm of MIT to provide accurate science information.

Next semester, students will move into public speaking, letter-writing and arts training, to be able to bring their messages and vision about the environment to their schools and communities.

On Feb 1, Environment Day at the New Mexico Legislature, GWE students will join the Sierra Club in giving speeches and performances and engaging with their representatives.

At Reginald Chavez Elementary in Albuquerque, Global Warming Express has been invited to run an after-school and an in-school program. Fifth-graders have been receiving the GWE program for an hour and a half each week as their science training.

Featured photo: Kids from the Global Warming Express at Renewable Energy Day 2017.

Climate program reaching more kids
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