Cougars, bears, wolves jeopardized by Game Commission

Please mark your calendars to attend the New Mexico Game Commission meeting on Aug. 27 at the Santa Fe Community College Jemez room. 

The final proposal for new hunting rules for bears and hunting and trapping rules for cougars should be released July 31. 

Commissioners will make a final vote on these rules, which could irreparably harm bears and cougars in New Mexico, at the Aug. 27 meeting. 

The Commission meeting begins at 8:30AM. Please fill out and turn in a speaker card for the bear and cougar rules, agenda item 7. Prepare to to be allowed 2 minutes to speak. Please tell Game Commissioners not to increase the death toll for either bears or cougars. 

Wolves are on the agenda, too. Both the Turner Foundation and the US Fish and Wildlife Service have agenda items after the bear and cougar rule to appeal the denial of the Ted Turner’s Ladder Ranch wolf permit. No public comment is being allowed for these items as they are “quasi-judicial,” according to the agenda (note: agenda appears to have been removed from the Wildlife Service website). But your presence in the room is crucial!

Cougars, bears, wolves jeopardized by Game Commission