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By Susan Martin
Chapter political chair

The most powerful way to protect our water, wildlife, land and climate is through good environmental policy, and the most powerful way to ensure good policy is by electing pro-environ- ment candidates.

The Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter sends questionnaires to and interviews eligible candidates, and two chapter committees must approve every endorsement by a two-thirds vote in order for a candidate to be endorsed. (Incumbents can be judged by their public record rather than a questionnaire).

Our listed candidates include only endorsed candidates who have opposition in the November 8 general election.

Endorsements for US Congress
Endorsements for County Commissioners
Endorsement for Secretary of State
Endorsements for NM State Senate
Endorsements for NM House of Representatives 

Get in on the action!

Our chapter political action committee runs a grassroots, volunteer-based effort to elect environmental champions who will work to prevent climate disruption, protect our wildlife and wild spaces and keep our drinking water clean. We recruit volunteers from our membership, canvass, inform our membership and run ads to promote candidates in key races. Helping these candidates win is the best way to impact your local government, and you’ll have fun and meet some great people, too.

To learn how to volunteer or donate to our winning e orts, please write to Mona Blaber at or Susan Martin at

More Sierra Club federal endorsements

The Sierra Club has enthusiastically endorsed federal candidates in races from the top to the bottom of the ticket.

We only list New Mexico races on this website, so to check out all the Club’s federal endorsements, please see the Sierra Club Voter Guide.

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Election 2016: Make History

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