Endorsements for Albuquerque municipal election

As you probably know, Albuquerque has a city election coming up on October 3. It is critical that we elect a mayor and city councilors who support our environmental goals, from fighting global warming to protecting the bosque. As we know all too well, elections have consequences.

Mayor: Tim Keller

Tim is truly one of us when it comes to his commitment to environmental protection. He understands that in the Trump era, it is important to fight climate change at the local level. He is committed to powering Albuquerque with 100% clean energy. Tim is a strong supporter of protecting and restoring the bosque.

He is a progressive with a greater knowledge of environmental issues, and Tim is the only publicly financed mayoral candidate.

As in all Albuquerque elections, if no candidate gets more than 50% of the vote, there will be a runoff between the top two vote-getters. There are eight candidates running, so every vote is important.

City Council District 7: Diane Gibson

Diane is an incumbent who was elected by about 50 votes in 2013 in what was then a Republican District.  Diane credits volunteers with the Bosque Action Team with pushing her over the top in her 50-vote victory in 2013.  Diane has been good on the environment, and it is important that we keep this District blue to keep a pro-environment majority on City Council.

City Council District 7: Cynthia Borrego

This seat was formerly held by Dan Lewis, who is running for mayor. This is a three-person race. Cynthia Borrego is head of the West Side Democrats and was a city and county planner for 26 years.

Paid for by the the Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club PAC.

Downtown Albuquerque photo from WikiMedia Commons

Endorsements for Albuquerque municipal election