‘Excursiones’ taking off

By Cecilia Chávez Beltrán, Spanish-language outings

Excursiones a la Naturaleza de Nuevo Mexico (Spanish-Language Outings —  literally, Excursions into Nature in New Mexico) is four months old!

We are having a delightful time connecting with not-for-profit organizations and groups working with Spanish-speakers who respond enthusiastically to Excursiones’ invitation to caminatas (walks) in the Bosque.

At the start, some participants might be wary of the overgrown vegetation on the path or the mud after an unusually heavy rain, or the quiet surroundings without urban noises.

After a short time, however, we are checking out the snails on the ground or the critters that hang acrobatically from reeds above our heads. We start sharing information on the alfalfa infusions Grandma used to prepare and admiring birds on the sandy banks of the river with the two sets of binoculars donated by Sierra Club member Connie. (Thanks Connie!)

Excursiones is walking with a diversity of groups working on an array of issues that are a reality in our community: social justice, immigrant’s rights and women’s rights to name a few. The walks allow us to relax and enjoy sharing en convivio, learning about our diverse knowledge and actively doing something positive with our minds and hearts.

Here are some comments from participants:

“It is good to take the time to disconnect from the world and the routine.”

 “It gave me peace and made me remember when as a child I would walk in the fields.”

See more at our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/ExcursionesNaturalezaNM/.

‘Excursiones’ taking off
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