First Saturday Arts – August 2019

One of our community efforts is to highlight the works of local artists in our First Week Arts series at our Albuquerque office. Join us or stop by the office gallery. You will also be supporting the chapter with your purchases.

Paintings by Edna Casman

Artist statement:

To tell the truth, I always thought I’d be a painter one day. My drawing and painting efforts seem to have come naturally to me from an early age. What I didn’t foresee was how much soul searching and personal exploration it would take beyond mastering the technical aspects. Just applying paint to canvas makes its own magic and I do find this totally engaging in itself. But why any painting is worth the time spent on it is another issue. The challenge seems to be in creating a painting of substance, while playing with color and form perhaps too personal to be of immediate interest to others. Yet, if I admit to wanting a dialogue with the public, my job is to capture people’s attention and amuse, please or affect them solely because of the visual impact. I expect to be at this work a long time.”

Please join us in welcoming Edna for an opening reception on Saturday, August 3, 2-4 pm at the Sierra Club office (2215 Lead Ave SE). Call Heather Kline with questions: 505-577-2798. The work will hang through September, and 30% of sales benefit the Sierra Club.

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First Saturday Arts – August 2019