Fracking Threats to the Albuquerque Basin Aquifer

(Don Phillips presentation, 1/9/2018)

Geologist Donald Phillips helped turn the tide on the outcome of the Sandoval County Commission vote to approve the Stoddard/Heil oil and gas ordinance. Donald Phillips’ presentation summarizes the general geology of Sandoval County and the risks of contaminating drinking-water aquifers from horizontal drilling and fracking.

“Due to the heavily faulted nature of the Albuquerque Basin in Sandoval County, unconventional drilling (which includes horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracking) poses a significant threat to the quality of drinking water aquifers. In many locations, the Mancos Shale (proposed drilling target) is in direct fault contact with drinking water aquifers.  Elsewhere, the Mancos Shale is heavily faulted.  Such fault zones provide natural geologic conduits for oil, gas, and chemically-laced fracking fluids to move upward and contaminate aquifers.”                                                                                                                                          –    Donald Phillips, Geologist

Fracking Threats to the Albuquerque Basin Aquifer
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