Make the Gila Forest Plan Better

The Gila National Forest is finally revising its 34-year old forest management plan. The comment period ends at midnight on April 16.

The Forest Service should keep the public comment period open until we are able to safely and effectively engage in the planning process, but they are keeping firm to that deadline.

Please submit a comment and give your input on how you would like to see Gila National Forest managed. 

We realize these times are tough, so a coalition of groups working on this have put together a recorded webinar that you can access here by entering your information. The webinar provides background on forest planning, discusses some problematic issues with the plan, and provides guidance on how to effectively write a substantive comment.

We also put together a resources folder with additional information to help answer any questions you may have.

Early reviews show that the Gila’s draft management plan falls far short. Instead of identifying and protecting wildlife migration corridors, Wilderness areas and Wild and Scenic Rivers, and incorporating the need to address the climate crisis, the Forest Service’s draft plan is insufficient.

We want you to write personalized comments, but more important is to write substantive comments. Click here to tell the Forest Service how you would like to see the Gila National Forest managed. 

The deadline to submit comments is midnight April 16.

Make the Gila Forest Plan Better