Grassroots challengers beat Big Oil money

Sierra Club-endorsed candidates upset Big Oil money on Election Day

Albuquerque — In Tuesday’s New Mexico primary, voters demanded candidates who will strive for justice, community and a safe climate for future generations.

The Sierra Club joined an array of progressive and social-justice organizations in an unprecedented effort to support grassroots challengers to some of the most powerful elected officials in New Mexico. Chevron spent more than $700,000 on a Texas-based PAC that backed conservative incumbents, and a Republican-leaning PAC spent thousands on deceptive last-minute mailers and robocalls, but progressive challengers prevailed in most races. Despite the big spending from out of state in favor of incumbents, Siah Corea Hemphill, Pam Cordova, Neomi Martinez-Parra, Carrie Hamblen, Brenda McKenna and Leo Jaramillo emerged victorious.

The Rio Grande Chapter also committed our volunteer-led energy to electing pro-environment candidates such as Teresa Leger Fernandez and champion legislative incumbents such as Rep. Patricia Roybal-Caballero and Rep. Matthew McQueen. Leger Fernandez’s victory means that in November, New Mexico could become the first state to boast a Congressional delegation of all women of color.

“Democratic voters have made clear who we want to lead us as we confront our greatest challenges. Women of color are leading the day today, and they will lead us proudly into the future,” said Rio Grande Chapter Political Chair Richard Barish.

“This election brings fundamental change for this state, as we join the call for racial and social justice throughout the country.”

Sierra Club joined OLÉ, Working Families Party New Mexico, No Corporate Democrats Coalition, Progress Now New Mexico, Planned Parenthood and other organizations in supporting candidates who are committed to investing in working families, children, and a safer and healthier future for New Mexico.

At least 25 of 31 Sierra Club-endorsed candidates won. Sierra Club endorsees who were leading as of June 3:

United States House of Representatives

3rd Congressional District: Teresa Leger Fernandez

New Mexico House of Representatives

District 13 – Rep. Patricia Roybal-Caballero
District 14 – Rep. Miguel Garcia
District 17 – Rep. Debbie Armstrong
District 27 – Rep. Marian Matthews
District 40 – Roger Montoya
District 45 – Linda Serrato
District 50 – Rep. Matthew McQueen
District 65 – Rep. Derrick Lente

New Mexico Senate

District 5 –Leo Jaramillo
District 8– Pete Campos
District 9 – Brenda McKenna
District 10 – Katy Duhigg
District 17 – Mimi Stewart
District 28 – Siah Correa Hemphill
District 30 – Pam Cordova
District 35 – Neomi Martinez-Parra
District 38 — Carrie Hamblen

County & Local Races

Bernalillo County Commission – Adriann Barboa
Doña Ana County Clerk — Amanda López Askin
Santa Fe County Commission – Hank Hughes
Santa Fe County Clerk — Katharine Clark
Valencia County Clerk – Aurora Chavez
Grant County Commission — Harry Browne


Grassroots challengers beat Big Oil money