GWE is growing – and looking for volunteers!

By Genie Stevens

A recent Climate One podcast cited the book Miseducation: How Climate Change is Taught in America by Katie Worth. The premise is that the oil and gas industries maintain a strong influence on science and climate education in this country and, as many teachers are never trained in the subject, they often find a “green curriculum” online that is actually “greenwashing” offered up by the oil and gas industries. And, yes, the industries have infiltrated the education system in New Mexico.

The Sierra Club has a solution.

This year, The Global Warming Express (GWE) program celebrates a full decade of mentoring kids who go on to inspire others about the solutions to the climate crisis. For 10 years we have been bringing hands-on program mentoring through the entire school year to fourth- through sixth-graders in science, climate science, resilient solutions, arts, advocacy training and action. We even teach the kids how to research effectively to find the “real science” sources.

The GWE has won awards locally, regionally and nationally, and over the past 2 years has created an exciting new outdoor program, as well as super-fun online curriculum app! Check out the trailer intro here.

The Global Warming Express was honored to be featured in an Earth Day broadcast of the radio program The Children’s Hour, which is syndicated with over 200 radio stations. The program featured renowned climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann and his co-author Megan Herbert, as well as Kaia, a former GWE student in Albuquerque, and Marina, who wrote the book and started the Global Warming Express program. Go to childrenshour.org/every-day-is-earth-day/ to hear the interview.

We are recruiting volunteers in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Las Cruces, Taos and Los Alamos for our school programs in fall 2022. Successful applicants receive in-person training to be part of a two-person team for an after-school program at an elementary school near you. The sessions with the kids are fun, engaging and rewarding. No previous science or teaching experience is required, and mentors receive a small stipend.

Join us as we counter Big Oil’s classroom influence, one GWE program at a time. To apply, contact Director of Climate Education Genie Stevens, genie.stevens@sierraclub.org.

Learn. Dream. Do. Inspire. Kids change the world.

GWE is growing – and looking for volunteers!
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