Las Cruces votes for 100% clean energy by 2020

By Kurt Anderson, Southern New Mexico Group

On April 2, The Las Cruces City Council passed a resolution to obtain 25% of the city’s electricity from renewable energy by 2022, 30% by 2030, and 100% by 2050.

The resolution passed unanimously following a presentation by city Sustainability Officer Lisa LaRocque, who outlined options available (from “go it alone” to public-private arrangements) and their projected costs and savings. She said all indicated that the goals could be met well before the proposed dates.

Councilors’ discussion and presentations focussed on PV solar as the most promising power source.

Councilor Gill Sorg sponsored the resolution. Environment New Mexico led the effort to pass it. Residents testifying in favor of the goals noted that increased levels of solar energy use by the city would mean clean air, lower energy costs and meaningful action to protect future generations from climate disruption.

“Setting a strong solar goal for the City of Las Cruces will mean a more sustainable future for our residents, while the government can save on energy costs over time,” LaRocque said.

Las Cruces currently gets about 7 percent of its electricity from renewables.

Las Cruces votes for 100% clean energy by 2020