Photo of Albuquerque bosque with city-bulldozed trail

Contact: Camilla Feibelman, camilla.feibelman@sierraclub.org or (505) ­715-­8388

Albuquerque, NM ­

Despite repeated attempts to meet with Open Space and City officials, Sierra Club leaders have received no formal response from the City. According to leaders, telephone calls and email requests remain unanswered. The City has continued bulldozing a mile and a half swath in the Bosque between Central and I­40, through some of the protected area’s most sensitive habitat, abruptly interrupting a public participation process that promised a consensus on a trial design.

“The Bosque Action Team has been working with the City in good faith over the last few months, working to come to consensus. They send us three map options one day that are for public review and start bulldozing the next day. Now we can’t even get a meeting with the mayor. Our trust has been bulldozed and so has this special place,” said Richard Barish the Sierra Club’s Bosque Issue’s Chair and leader of the Bosque Action Team.

The Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter and Bosque Action Team will visit the area affected by bulldozing by the City this Sunday at 3pm.

What: Visit to Bulldozed Area of the Bosque
Where: Parking area, North of Central, East of the River.
When: Sunday, February 12th, 3pm
Contact: Camilla Feibelman, 505.715.8388

Featured image by Ian Mentken

Mayor Refuses to Meet with Bosque Action Team