Chapter endorsements in MRGCD races

By Richard Barish, 
Chapter Political chair

The Sierra Club has endorsed John Kelly and Barbara Baca for the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District Board of Directors.

The election will be on June 4 (but see below for information on early and absentee voting). If you own property within the boundaries of the MRGCD (essentially, the Rio Grande Valley) and if you are an MRGCD ratepayer, you can vote in this election.

The MRGCD owns most of the land that comprises the bosque and is a key player in management of the bosque. It is a major user of our limited water resources. The District is controlled by the elected board of directors. It is important that we have board members who are responsive to our environmental concerns! This is an election where your vote can really make a difference, since few people vote in this election.

John Kelly is running for re-election to a Bernalillo County seat. John has consistently been a supporter of our issues regarding the bosque, and he has been a strong voice for transparency and efficient user of water by the District. He brings his expertise as an engineer to the board. MRGCD voters in Bernalillo County can vote for John.

Barbara Baca was formerly the head of Albuquerque’s Parks and Open Space Division. Barbara was involved in bosque protection throughout her 30-plus-year career with the City of Albuquerque. She was the lead planner in charge of writing the Rio Grande Valley State Park Management Plan. She states: “The Rio Grande Bosque must be protected for conservation, education, recreation, and social equity.” Barbara is running for the “at-large” seat, meaning MRGCD voters in Sandoval, Bernalillo, Valencia and Socorro counties can all vote for her.

The election is on June 4, but you can vote early from May 20 through Saturday, June 1. Early voting is on weekdays except May 27 and on Saturday, June 1, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Locations include the MRGCD office, 1931 Second St. SW, Harrison Middle School, 3912 Isleta Blvd. SW, and Los Ranchos City Hall, 6718 Rio Grande NW, all in Bernalillo County; 800 South Hill Rd. in Bernalillo; 444 Luna Ave. SE in Los Lunas; and Belén City Hall, 100 South Main. A full list of early and Election Day voting locations can be found at mrgcd.com, along with information on how to obtain an absentee ballot.

Please vote for John Kelly and Barbara Baca if you are an MRGCD voter! For more information, contact Richard Barish, richard.barish@gmail.com.

Chapter endorsements in MRGCD races