John Buchser, Northern Group Chair

The Northern Group in Santa Fe must be the luckiest city in the U.S. Since 1981, more than 60 volunteers have shared their passion for hiking as volunteer outings leaders. Featuring a destination for visitors from all over the world, the 9th edition of the Sierra Club Northern New Mexico Group’s Day Hikes in the Santa Fe Area offers world-class documentation of the many trails in our region.

Outings leader Aku Oppenheimer was encouraged by Norbert Sperlich several years ago to update the 8th edition. Aku did not know that his passion for excellence would take so much of his time for two years. With the assistance of Ed Coderre’s background in digital media and Travel Bug owner Greg Ohlsen’s expertise in map creation, the latest version rivals the best hiking books in the world.

Given the varied climates surrounding Santa Fe created by the erosive forces of water and the tectonic forces of our planet, our area presents many opportunities for discovering the outdoors. Aku’s primary goal was to offer hikers options for most of the trails that ranged from easy to difficult. The end product went far beyond that, making directions to the trailheads clear and consistent. The many hikers and proofreaders ensured the clarity of description and respect for tribal and private properties.

Thanks also go to the Northern Group leadership over the years, who have ensured that there was always enough money in the bank to pay for reprinting and new editions. Sales of the book have benefited the Group, the bookstores that sell it, and the locals like me who have such a great resource to refer to when wondering where to go hiking next. Day Hikes in the Santa Fe Area can be purchased at Santa Fe bookstores and REI in both Albuquerque and Santa Fe. We hope to expand sales to local bookstores in Albuquerque. The Travel Bug will ship the book to other locales. It is my hope that this book will continue to create a passion for caring for the land through recognition of the beauty we have before us.

Books can shipped by mail from the Travel Bug in Santa Fe. $24.95 plus tax and shipping.  Call them at (505) 992-0418.

Day Hikes in the Santa Fe Area, 9th Edition