About the Pajarito - Los Alamos Group

The Pajarito Group of the Sierra Club was established to protect the Valles Caldera from private developers. In 2015, the caldera was transferred to the National Park Service management, which should better protect the area. We continue to lobby for judicious management of the Valles Caldera National Preserve along with covering environmental issues in Los Alamos County and the Jemez­ Mountain area, including:

  • Reducing single-­use shopping bags in Los Alamos
  • Retaining open space
  • Working towards a sustainable Los Alamos

How you can make a difference

Join the volunteers helping to restore Bandelier trails destroyed in the Cerro Grande Fire and subsequent flooding. The work is appropriate for any age. Contact Kevin Stillman at kevin_stillman@nps.gov to get the volunteer alerts, or Jody Benson at anteaterjb@gmail.com.

Letters to the editor reach thousands of people and are a great way to advocate for issues. Join our Rio Writers listserv or participate in Lunch and Learn workshops on effective letter-writing (by phone or in person). For either, contact camilla.feibelman@sierraclub.org, 505-715-8388.

Contact Us

Executive Committee

Chair:/Secretary: Jody Benson, anteaterjb@gmail.com(505) 662-4782
Howard Barnum, hnbarnum@aol.com
Cheryl Bell, bellrancho@gmail.com, 505/672-9655.
Iris Chung, itlchung@hotmail.com
Michael DiRosa, mddbbm@gmail.com
Nona Girardi, nonamg@aol.com
Carene Larmat, carenelarmat@gmail.com, 505/920-5675

Committee Chairs

Bag Ban: Treasurer: Mark Jones, Jonesmm1@comcast.net, 505/662-9443
Conservation: Michael DiRosa, mddbbm@gmail.com
Global Warming: Charles Keller, alfanso@cybermesa.com, 505/662-7915
Mining: David Torney, dtorney@valornet.com, 575/829-3433
Newsletter Editor, Publicity, Sprawl, Transportation, Endangered Species/Wildlife: Jody Benson, echidnaejb@gmail.com, 505/662-4782
Open Spaces, Caldera Issues: Howard Barnum, hnbarnun@aol.com
Political, Cool Cities, Membership: Mark Jones, jonesmm1@comcast.net, 505/662-9443
Water Issues: Barbara Calef, bfcalef@yahoo.com, 505/662-3825

Mailing address

520 Navajo Road, Los Alamos, NM, 87544

How to get involved at the Roundhouse

Democracy doesn’t end with the vote; it begins with the vote. If America is truly a representative democracy, our vote means that we have hired people to represent our values. Our responsibility is to learn how to communicate these values to our representatives. It’s tedious, seemingly futile work, but without our participation, our country will devolve into a plutocracy where the only squeaky wheels are owned by those who can afford to buy a network on which to squeak them.

Read Senator Peter Wirth’s Top 10 Tips for Citizen Advocacy at the New Mexico Legislature.

The Los Alamos County Senators are Richard Martinez and Carlos Cisneros. Our Representative is Stephanie Garcia Richard. Each of them welcomes constituent input.

Pajarito Platuea photo by Mark Kaletka.

News from the Pajarito group

Environmental Historian Scott Einberger to Speak on Stewart Udall’s Life and Legacy

Environmental Historian Scott Einberger to Speak on Stewart Udall’s Life and Legacy
Please join the Pajarito Group and the Library’s Authors Speak at Fuller Lodge to hear about one of our environmental heroes, and to get some tips about furthering our current activism ... Read More

A measly 10-cent fee

A measly 10-cent fee
Los Alamos student Zoe Hemez has taken up the campaign for a bag-free Los Alamos ... Read More

Support the Los Alamos High School EcoClub

Photo of plastic bags as trash for the Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter website
The Los Alamos High School EcoClub is taking on the very powerful plastics industry as well as some Los Alamos citizens by requesting a fee be imposed on single-use plastic bags in Los Alamos County ... Read More

Volunteers Needed to Help a Kid Hug A Tree

Volunteers Needed to Help a Kid Hug A Tree
The Pajarito Group will host an activity at PEEC* on Saturday, August 4th, for children K-6. The purpose is to give kids an idea of what life is like for a tree, and why a tree’s life is important. We're ... Read More