2024 primary – how did Sierra Club’s endorsed candidates do?

By Richard Barish, Political Chair, Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter

Twenty-five of our 29 endorsed candidates won! The wins included:

  • Heather Berghmans, who ousted long-time Senator Daniel Ivey-Soto in Albuquerque’s northeast heights
  • Angel Charley, who beat former conservative Democratic Senator Clemente Sanchez in a sprawling Senate district from Los Lunas to the Arizona line
  • Chapter Excom member Anita Gonzales, who beat a conservative incumbent in the Las Vegas area
  • Activist and ally Joseph Hernandez, who won in a three-way race in the northeast part of the state

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to those who fought the good fight, but fell short. I’m proud that the Sierra Club was able to do its part to contribute to these races.

New Mexico Senate
District 3: Sen. Shannon Pinto WON
District 8: Sen. Pete Campos WON
District 9: Cindy Nava WON
District 11: Sen. Linda Lopez WON
District 15: Heather Berghmans WON
District 21: Athena Christodoulou WON
District 26: Julie Radoslovich LOST
District 30: Angel Charley WON

New Mexico House of Representatives
District 6: Rep. Eliseo Alcon WON
District 9: Christopher Hudson LOST
District 12: Art de la Cruz WON
District 13: Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero WON
District 16: Rep. Yanira Gurrola WON
District 18: Anjali Taneja LOST
District 27: Greg Seeley LOST
District 35: Rep. Angelica Rubio WON
District 41: Rep. Susan Herrera WON
District 53: Jon Hill WON
District 69: Paulene Abeyta WON
District 70: Anita Gonzalez WON

Bernalillo County
Commission District 2: Frank Baca WON
Commission District 3: Adriann Barboa WON
County Clerk: Michelle Kavanaugh WON

Doña Ana County
County Clerk: Amanda López Askin WON

Santa Fe County
County Commission District 1: Lisa Cacari Stone WON
County Commission District 4: Adam Fulton Johnson WON
County Clerk: Katharine Clark WON

Taos County
Commission District 3: Darlene Vigil WON
Commission District 4: AnJanette Brush WON

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help our candidates win!

2024 primary – how did Sierra Club’s endorsed candidates do?