2024 Primary Endorsements

The following are our endorsements of legislative candidates who have opponents in the June primary, plus a few county candidates. Endorsements of candidates who are unopposed in the primary are pending and will be disclosed at a later date. Additional endorsements in county races may be added before the primary election on June 4. This is the first Senate election since redistricting so you may be in a new a district, which you can find on the League of Women Voters site here

Senate District 3:
Sen. Shannon Pinto

Senator Shannon Pinto’s top priority is the clean-up of legacy uranium mining waste throughout the northwest of the State. She was also a sponsor of the Environment Rights Constitutional Amendment, and she chairs the Senate Indian, Rural and Cultural Affairs Committee.

Senate District 8:
Sen. Pete Campos

Throughout his career, Pete Campos has worked to support clean water and a healthy and safe environment. Since the Hermit’s Peak/Calf Canyon fires and floods, he has worked to secure resources to restore the affected lands through reforestation and to help those who lost their homes and animals, as well as for hot shot crews to fight future fires. 

Senate District 8:
Cindy Nava

A Dreamer, Cindy Nava was appointed by the White House as Senior Policy Advisor at HUD, where she oversaw the Climate Resilience Charter Group and worked on the expansion of resources devoted to affordable housing, innovative methods to address homelessness, and Tribal engagement. As the Executive Director of Transform Education NM, Cindy worked to incorporate the diverse cultural heritages of our state into education.

Senate District 11:
Sen. Linda Lopez

Linda Lopez was first elected to the Senate in 1996. Since then, she has been a strong supporter of many progressive causes. On the environmental front, she was a co-sponsor of the Community Solar Act and of the Green Amendment, which would create a constitutional right to clean and healthy air, water, soil, native ecosystems and environments, including a safe climate.

Senate District 15:
Heather Berghmans

Heather Berghmans is a policy analyst and finance consultant. Until recently, she was the finance director for the New Mexico House Democratic Campaign Committee. She profoundly understands the imperative to safeguard our air, water, forests, and public lands for future generations. She is committed to do everything possible to meet the climate crisis and promote green technologies.

Senate District 21:
Athena Christodoulou

Athena Christodoulou is an environmental engineer. She served as president and a board member of the NM Solar Energy Association, where she advocated for solar energy before the PRC, to legislators, and to the public for over a decade. She served as analyst for the House Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Committee in 2023. She is currently vice-chair of the NM Democratic Party Environmental Justice Caucus.

Senate District 26:
Julie Radoslovich

Born and raised in the South Valley among a family that grew their own produce and kept chickens, Julie Radoslovich has lifelong connections to New Mexico’s land and water. A retired public school teacher and principal, she will champion legislation to bolster water resilience, as well as protections and resources for frontline communities hit hardest by oil and gas development.

Senate District 30:
Angel Charley

A first-time candidate with a deep commitment to environmental justice and Indigenous rights, Angel Charley stands firmly against environmental degradation caused by extractive industries. Her stance is rooted in part in the correlation between these industries and the disproportionate violence against Indigenous women. Charley’s work has highlighted the intersection of environmental harm and human rights abuses and sought to eliminate both.

House District 4:
Joseph Hernandez

Joseph Hernandez works for NAEVA as their Indigenous Energy Organizer and lobbyist. He has been one of the Chapter’s closest partners on climate and energy legislation like the Energy Transition Act and the Community Solar Act. He served on New Mexico Climate Change Taskforce and is a recipient of the Dr. Espanola Jackson Energy Justice Award for his work.

House District 6:
Rep. Eliseo Alcon

Eliseo Alcon proudly supports initiatives and legislation that promote environmental responsibility. He continues to fight to clean up the toxic mess left behind from uranium mining so as to help ensure that his grandchildren and great-grandchildren inherit a healthy, vital planet.

House District 9:
Christopher Hudson

Christopher Brian Hudson, a Navajo (Diné) man from Tsayatoh, NM, works and organizes with his community to facilitate grassrooted advocacy & collective action on environmental justice, healthcare inequities, and other community priorities. Together, they have opposed transportation of uranium waste, demanded remediation from the Church Rock uranium mill spill of 1979, and called out false solutions like blue hydrogen.

House District 12:
Art de la Cruz

Art de la Cruz has a 100% lifetime CVNM voting record, supporting not just our environmental priorities, including supporting our ban of storage of high level nuclear waste, the conservation legacy fund and the clean transportation fuels act, but also key democracy bills for voting rights and legislative reform.

House District 13:
Rep. Patricia Royal Caballero

Patricia Roybal Caballero has an impressively long list of environmental bills that she has sponsored, including the Community Solar Act, the Energy Transition Act, the Geothermal Resource and Development and Geothermal Tax Credit legislation, the Green Amendment, and the Holtec bill, to prevent New Mexico from becoming a nuclear dumping ground. She is especially interested in bills addressing environmental justice.

House District 16:
Rep. Yanira Gurrola

During her first term as a legislator, Yanira Gurrola has advocated for environmental sustainability, clean energy and other climate solutions to protect our natural resources and combat climate change. She sponsored legislation promoting electric school buses, clean car tax credits, and water reuse requirements. She is committed to continuing to work on issues of water and climate.

House District 18:
Anjali Taneja

As a family physician and executive director of a non-profit clinic that provides care to uninsured and Medicaid patients, Anjali Taneja has over two decades of lived expertise on how harmful environmental policy impacts the bodies of New Mexicans. She pledges to work with stakeholders to devise solutions that will reduce and eliminate harm from climate and pollution.

House District 27: 
Greg Seeley

Greg Seeley is a retired U.S. Air Force Tech Sergeant. As a staffer for then-Congresswoman Deb Haaland, he worked on the Kirtland AFB Bulk Fuels Spill and on the Chaco Cultural Heritage Area Protection Act, as well as working on clean energy development, environmental protection funding. and accelerating adoption of clean energy on military bases.

House District 35: 
Rep. Angelica Rubio

Since her election to the House in 2016, Angelica Rubio has focused on protecting communities that are disproportionately impacted by extractive industries and working towards a vision of building a restorative economy for all New Mexicans. Angelica is a champion for equitable outdoor recreation access, expanding outdoor opportunities for younger New Mexicans, and has been a mobility justice champion.

House District 41: 
Susan Herrera

As Chairperson of the House Agriculture, Acequias, and Water Resources Committee, Susan Herrera has worked tirelessly to modernize our water infrastructure laws. She championed the Water Regionalization Act of 2023 and Water Project Prioritization Act of 2024, which will provide strategic funding to the Water Trust Board to fund water and wastewater projects in New Mexico for years to come.

House District 53: 
Jon Hill

Jon Hill strongly supports the Green Amendment because he believes it will create a north star for all environmental initiatives. It will equip us to weave together an array of legislative proposals, everything from air and water to energy and climate, to create a rugged fabric that will endure for years into the future.

House District 69: 
Paulene Abeyta

Since childhood, Paulene Abeyta has nurtured a deep connection to and understanding of the importance of our environment. Her indigenous culture and teachings have blended with her western education to strengthen that relationship and provide her with the tools to be an effective advocate for our environment. The knowledge that we are all connected is paramount to her.

House District 70: 
Anita Gonzalez

Anita Gonzales is a STEM educator who loves the beauty of our open space and nature’s classroom in Northern New Mexico. She is the vice-chair of the Rio Grande Chapter, as well as an acequia commissioner who understands the importance of water. She believes that conservation, climate, water, environmental justice, and democracy issues are all connected.

Bernalillo County
Commission District 2: 
Frank Baca

Frank is a lifelong South Valley resident and retired attorney who cares deeply about the community. He is dedicated to protecting the Valley floor and ensuring development is quality growth with proper controls in place to ensure availability of natural resources.

Bernalillo County Commission District 3:
Adriann Barboa

Adriann is a good incumbent who has supported our issues.  She has shown her commitment to a sustainable future and an urgency in efforts to transition to clean energy.  She has pledged to continue working tirelessly to implement eco-friendly initiatives that ensure a cleaner, healthier planet for future generations.

Bernalillo County Clerk:
Michelle Kavanaugh

Michelle Kavanaugh has been the Deputy Clerk for the past four years and understands how elections work from the inside. She is committed to making voting easy for everyone. She has a history of involvement in progressive politics and causes, including working for Tom Udall and as an organizer for the AFT.

Doña Ana County Clerk:
Amanda López Askin

Amanda López Askin has been a stellar County Clerk. She has withstood false allegations from the far right in county commission meetings this year and was prepared with quiet, substantive rebuttals.  Now her office is sending out sample ballots to all the voters in Doña Ana County to encourage and prepare them for voting in the June primary. She has respect throughout the community and well deserves our endorsement for another term in the office of Doña Ana County Clerk.

Santa Fe County
Commission District 2:
Lisa Cacari Stone

Dr. Cacari Stone has dedicated 34 years of public health leadership to advancing health equity and community health. She credits her Chicana-Mexican Indian roots with her lifelong respect for land and the natural world. 

Santa Fe County
Commission District 4:
Adam Fulton Johnson

Dr. Johnson is Executive Director of the Old Santa Fe Foundation and a historian, preservationist, and community advocate. He is committed to open space protection and transit-friendly development. 

Santa Fe County
County Clerk:
Katharine Clark

Incumbent Clark has assembled a track record that promotes and protects democracy, including boosting voter turnout in underserved communities, increasing access to voting locations and drop boxes, and shorting the wait time for voting results. 

Taos County Commission 
District 3:
Darlene Vigil

Since her election to District 3 of Taos County in 2021, Darlene Vigil has worked to empower land grants and acequias as forest stewards, and collaborated with many local organizations to support the protection and restoration of our public lands. Darlene is on several Boards including: the Northern Rio Grande Heritage Area Board, the Taos County Economic Development Board, the North Central Regional Transit District Board (Alternate), and the Taos County Cooperative Weed Management Board.

Taos County Commission
District 4:
AnJanette Brush

Since her election to District 4 of Taos County since 2021, Anjanette Brush has consistently supported sustainable water and energy efficiency policies and voted in support of protecting and restoring our forests and watersheds. AnJanette is on several Boards including: Landfill Board (Alternate), the North Central NM Economic Development District Board, the Northern Area Workforce Board (Alternate), and the Taos County Cooperative Weed Management Board (Alternate), the Friends of the Rio Grande del Norte, Rocky Mountain Youth Corps (Board Chair), and was a co-founder of the El Salto Firewise Community in 2013 – the first Firewise Community in Taos County.

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2024 Primary Endorsements