Call to action: The power of the vote

By Sharon J. King, Chapter Solidarity Committee

Now more than ever, our country is calling to action all eligible United States voters in the November 3 general election. The U.S. has been a longtime example of democracy at work while other countries have strived to follow our lead. But in the 2016 general election only about 56 percent of those eligible to vote participated.

Our democracy could currently be described as an oligarchy. We are living in a country where elites in our government are serving and representing the interests of the 1%. Meanwhile, the working class, poor, and disenfranchised are continually underserved in healthcare, job opportunities and education, and are threatened with cuts to services, such as social security, and more. America has become a country unrecognizable to many of its citizens for various social reasons. Reasons stemming from blatant indifference, rational and irrational ignorance, and the blistering revelation of how deeply rooted social injustice and systemic racism are embedded in our society. The pandemic has uncloaked these naked realities we must now deal with because they are undeniable facts.

How can we set this country on an equitable course for all? We have the ability to do that by registering and voting for leaders who strive and fight for justice and equality for its people and the environment. Leaders who will set policies and laws that work for everyone, and visionaries who will move this country progressively forward.

The power of the vote is a tremendous tool to shape, change, and influence the destiny of America. Why else would some Americans and politicians move to suppress voting rights? The late icon and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (aka Notorious RBG) stated, “There should be steadfast national commitment to voting rights to assure that every American is given the right to vote unencumbered by a myriad of voter suppressions.”

We have the moral obligation to ourselves, each other, our children, and future generations to always vote. People are waking up, as the record voting rates in New Mexico’s June primary election demonstrate. Together, united, our democratic voice and vote are the most unstoppable tools we have. Our lives, and our quality of life, depend on it.

For details on how to vote, see our Voting page.

Call to action: The power of the vote