Stand up for Standing Rock

Sierra Club member Gary Kowalski is organizing a series of gatherings to press for a boycott of Phillips/Conoco and their relationship to the DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline).

“Phillips is one of the biggest investors in the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the 5th is the date when demonstrators have been warned to vacate their camp and relocate to “free-speech zones” or face criminal charges, in addition to the water cannons, rubber bullets, attack dogs and concussion grenades they have already endured,” Kowalski said. “Enough is enough! We want motorists to stop buying from Phillips/Conoco as a way of saying no to police brutality, no to trampling on indigenous rights, no to fracking for America’s energy future. Send a message at the pump!”

These initial demonstration was on December 5 near the Phillips 66 station at 305 N. Guadalupe St. in Santa Fe. It will become a weekly event, moving from one Phillips 66 to another in Santa Fe, until there is some resolution to the conflict at Standing Rock.

The next protest is scheduled for Monday, December 12 at 3:30 the Phillips station at 100 N. St. Francis Drive. RSVP through the Meetup link.

You can also support Standing Rock with a yard sign pledging to boycott Phillips/Conoco. By asking motorists to fill up elsewhere, you will send a powerful message at the pump: no to police brutality, no to trampling on indigenous rights, no to fracking away our energy future, and yes to the Sioux Water protectors and their allies in North Dakota who are seeking a better way.  This double-sided 18″x24″ sign comes with wire mounting to get the word out. Contact monablaber@gmail.com or gary.kowalski@gmail.com so we can order sufficient quantities. (A $4 donation is not required but covers printing expenses.)

Thank you for standing with Standing Rock!

Stand up for Standing Rock