Urge NM to adopt Clean Cars standards!

Urge NM to adopt Clean Cars standards!
New Mexico has proposed Advanced Clean Cars standards that the state Environmental Improvement Board are now considering. Please urge the board to adopt these rules and move on to Clean Trucks rules as soon as possible! New Mexico’s proposed Clean Cars standards are a great opportunity to make climate progress while making affordable, clean electric vehicles much more accessible in our state. We know we must end our dangerous dependence on oil and gas both to protect our children’s climate ...
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Facts about hydrogen’s climate dangers

Photo of gas flare by Varodrig
Fossil-fueled hydrogen projects take us backward in our race to avoid climate catastrophe. 
    • Hydrogen production is already responsible for 3-4% of the world’s carbon emissions — equivalent to that of the UK and Indonesia combined. New Mexico’s discussion draft of Hydrogen Hub legislation includes taxpayer-funded incentives for this type of hydrogen production.
    • Pouring taxpayer dollars into proposed fossil-fueled hydrogen projects would create new reliance on fracked gas that could lock in devastating climate consequences ...
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EPA proposes major curbs on oil & gas methane but must strengthen them

EPA proposes major curbs on oil & gas methane but must strengthen them
On November 2, the Environmental Protection Agency released critical new draft rules to reduce methane emissions and other pollution from the oil and gas industry. Methane is a greenhouse gas that is more than 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide over a 20-year period. Methane is also emitted alongside other harmful pollution that puts communities at risk of serious negative health effects ...