Urge NM to adopt Clean Cars standards!

New Mexico has proposed Advanced Clean Cars standards that the state Environmental Improvement Board are now considering. Please urge the board to adopt these rules and move on to Clean Trucks rules as soon as possible!

New Mexico’s proposed Clean Cars standards are a great opportunity to make climate progress while making affordable, clean electric vehicles much more accessible in our state.

We know we must end our dangerous dependence on oil and gas both to protect our children’s climate and protect our national security from oligarchs and dictators. Moving from gas-guzzling cars to electric vehicles is a great way to do that.

EVs are becoming much more popular as charging infrastructure has increased and more people realize how much they can save on gas and maintenance.

But New Mexicans often have a hard time finding electric vehicles at dealerships and dealers sometimes don’t want to sell them because they generate fewer maintenance visits for service departments.

Adopting Clean Cars standards will require car companies to provide electric cars as an increasing percentage of their inventory.

Please click here to urge the Environmental Improvement Board to adopt Clean Cars standards — and add a personal note to increase your impact! 

Urge NM to adopt Clean Cars standards!