Chapter statement on Game Commission’s cougar, bear vote

Photo of Brown Bear for Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter website
SANTA FE, N.M. — On Aug. 27, the New Mexico Game Commission voted to approve trapping for cougars on 9 million acres of state trust land and private land throughout New Mexico. The commission also voted to increase bear-hunting quotas. Both decisions came without sufficient scientific evidence and in the face of overwhelming public opposition. More than 1,000 New Mexicans sent written comments and several hundred people came to Thursday’s meeting to ask the Commission not to adopt New Mexico ...

Cougars, bears, wolves jeopardized by Game Commission

Cougars, bears, wolves jeopardized by Game Commission
Please mark your calendars to attend the New Mexico Game Commission meeting on Aug. 27 at the Santa Fe Community College Jemez room.  The final proposal for new hunting rules for bears and hunting and trapping rules for cougars should be released July 31.  Commissioners will make a final vote on these rules, which could irreparably harm bears and cougars in New Mexico, at the Aug. 27 meeting.  The Commission meeting begins at 8:30AM. Please fill out and turn in ...