Zero Fares

The Zero Fares Albuquerque program opens doors for more people to use public transit and rely less on their vehicles to commute throughout the city. From a racial and social justice perspective, it provides more fair and equitable access to low income families and individuals to be able to get to their jobs, school, and any other daily activity they may have. It is a win-win situation for all!

What’s Happening with #ZeroFares?

In 2021, Albuquerque City Council approved $3M to fund zero-fare transit for everyone, eliminating barriers to transit access for all riders until December 31, 2022. The Zero Fares coalition is organizing our communities to urge the City Council to support funding zero-fare transit through June ‘23.

Why #ZeroFares?

ABQ Ride reports:

🚍 74% of riders are low income

🚍 73% of riders either don’t have a vehicle or their vehicle isn’t working

🚍 Vast majority of riders are people of color

NM Voices for Children reports:

🚍 Area nonprofits saved $1.6M over the most recent three fiscal years that previously went to purchasing bus passes.

🚍 Transit savings may now be reinvested into client services

Zero Fares are about equity (people most impacted getting what they need) and racial justice (addressing historic injustice and disparities based on ethnicity and race) Continued funding of the Zero Fares pilot project is the right direction for Albuquerque.

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Zero Fares