Reduce, reuse, refuse, recycle

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ­­ – we want to pay moreattention to the first two when reducing our use and waste, both of which are key to addressing pollution and the energy use that is driving climate disruption.

How we're tackling the challenge

After the recent victories against pollution with the Albuquerque Clean & Green Ordinance and Bernalillo County we are stronger now more than ever in our collective workfor a clean environment. The future is looking bright for our youth.


Can I recycle aluminum foil? What do I do with broken fluorescent bulbs? Where can I take broken electronics? Use our smart guide to recycling.

Zero Waste Tours

Ever wonder what happens to our trash and recycling after it's picked up? What happens to our waste water after it goes down the drain or our poop after it's flushed? Did you know that almost anything with a plug can be e-cycled and where? Come join us on the Zero Waste Tours to find out!

Throughout the year we will be visiting various facilities:

  • Rio Grande Soil Amendment Facility (Northwest Abq),
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant (South Valley),
  • Friedman Recycling (North Valley),
  • Cerro Colorado Landfill (Southwest Abq),
  • Electronic Recycling (Edith North),
  • Soilutions NM Compost (South Valley)

Our Zero Waste Tours are free! Please check our calendar for upcoming visits.. Contact Laurie at lmzunne@gmail.com or call Cecilia at the office (505) 243-7767 for more information.

Santa Fe: Think globally, act locally

Please visit eldorado285recycles.org to learn about how Eldorado at Santa Fe recycles, and contact Co-chairs Joe Eigner at joseigner@gmail.com or Karen Sweeney at ksweeney99@comcast.net with questions or for more information, or to join our Zero Waste team.

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